PokerStars Drops Sunday Million Buy-in from $215 to $109

New Sunday Million Buy-In
Starting January 27, 2019, the PokerStars Sunday Million has a new price point of $109

On Monday, PokerStars announced a change to its flagship online poker tournament, the Sunday Million. Starting January 27, 2019, the world’s largest weekly poker tournament will feature a buy-in of $109, reduced from the previous $215.

“We want to open online poker’s flagship event to more and more players. The lower buy-in will do that, while ensuring the “Milly” remains the Sunday Major every player wants to win,” the company said in a statement announcing the change.

Although the buy-in has been nearly cut in half, the Sunday Million’s $1 million prize pool guarantee will remain the same. On the surface, that means the tournament will now need 10,000 entries to reach the guarantee instead of 5,000.

The structure for the Sunday Million will stay the same, though the company does plan on monitoring the next few events to monitor the length of the tournament and the average stack at the start of the final table.

PokerStars has also promised to increase the number of a satellites available to the Sunday Million in an effort to make their flagship event accessible to even more players.

The record for the largest-ever PokerStars Sunday Million was set on December 18, 2011, when 62,116 entries were generated for a prize pool north of $12.423 million. Kyle ‘First-Eagle’ Weir won that historic tournament for more than $1.146 million in prize money.


  1. Recently I’ve noticed the Million has been barely getting enough entries to make the $1 million guarantee. People are abandoning that s(t)inking ship in droves. That’s why they lowered the buy-in. That whole crooked site is dying a slow and well deserved death.