PokerStars Launches Zoom Games and CardHunt Promo in New Jersey


PokerStarsNJ how has Zoom Poker and a new Card Hunt bonus program.

While PokerStars’ ring-fenced New Jersey player base amounts to just a fraction of its total traffic, that hasn’t stopped it from rolling out features in the Garden State normally reserved for its main global network. This week, the company brought the New Jersey site even more into the fold, announcing the launch of Zoom games and tournaments, along with an innovative promotion called CardHunt, in which players can win up to $1,000 a day.

After acquiring Full Tilt Poker following Black Friday, PokerStars quickly moved to rework the site’s fast-fold variant, Rush Poker, into what became Zoom. The sometimes-frantic game keeps players engaged by whisking them away to a new table immediately after they fold a hand.

Zoom tables are available to New Jersey players now across Hold‘em cash games and tournaments and seem to be identical to those offered in the global PokerStars client. The launch marks the first time that the game will be offered in the US.

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CardHunt, which rewards players who complete a daily puzzle with cash prizes, was introduced to the PokerStars worldwide network in March. Proving popular, the site has now decided to run a slightly smaller version of the promo in New Jersey.

From May 31 to June 19, players can bank up to $1,000 in cash each day if they complete the day’s puzzle. To win, players need to acquire between 16 and 20 puzzle pieces, each of which represents a card in a normal 52 card deck. If you win a hand and one of your hole cards (not community cards) matches your puzzle, you’ll collect that piece. Acquire all pieces in your puzzle and you’ll receive a random award of $1 to $1,000. Only hands at Zoom or cash games tables at limits of $0.05/$0.10 or above are eligible.

There is a 70% chance you’ll receive either $1 or $2.50 as your reward. You’ll take home a $5 payday 21.86% of the time, and a $10 score 5% of the time. There’s just a .04% chance that you’ll bank that sweet $1,000 top prize.

It’s easy to see the how this clever promo could serve to increase action by encouraging loose play. Players might think twice about folding if one or two of their cards match their puzzle pieces. Bluffs will certainly increase as well, as players try to win hands with hole cards that match their puzzle.

A new puzzle starts each day at 12 AM ET. To opt in, players must hit the ‘Start’ button in their Challenge Window.