PokerStars Readying for New Jersey Soft Launch, March 16


Poker players are counting down the days until PokerStars returns to U.S. soil.

For the first time in nearly five years, players in the United States will be able to play on PokerStars for real money beginning Wednesday, March 16 – but only those who are actually in New Jersey.

With the official launch of PokerStars’ New Jersey product set for March 21, the online poker giant has decided to “soft-launch” on March 16. Soft launches are required under New Jersey gaming regulations to allow the operator and regulators to review and correct any potential issues.

The soft-launch announcement comes five months after PokerStars’ parent company, Amaya Gaming, announced they had received approval from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to bring their online gaming products, poker and casino, to the Garden State in a partnership with land-based Resorts Casino.

The site will have limited operating hours during the first three days before moving to an around-the-clock product on March 19. There is also a cap of 500 active players at any given time.

Soft Launch Hours

  • · March 16 & 17: 4 pm – Midnight
  • · March 18: 8 am – Midnight
  • · March 19 & 20: 24 hours

Players can create a new account if they wish, however PokerStars has created a Quick Account Creation process for those who had a previous account that includes exclusive benefits. Beginning March 16, players can download the PokerStars NJ software and login using their previous User ID and password. Those that do will be credited with their previous VIP status and be able to convert Frequent Player Points into StarsCoin immediately at a rate of 1.6 FPP per StarsCoin.

Players who complete the Quick Account Creation process will have their previous account closed. For those wishing to continue playing on their PokerStars account outside of the U.S., they’ll need to create an entirely new account and will not be credited with any previous VIP status levels.

For further information on the return of PokerStars visit thePokerStars NJ FAQ.


    • with an overall population of 8 million can they sustain a good online poker community, haven’t we seen this before in portugal, france, italy, small pools dry up fast…

    • with an overall population of 8 million can they sustain a good online poker community, haven’t we seen this before in portugal, france, italy, small pools dry up fast…

      We have a decent existing online community, and it will only improve with the arrival of PokerStars.

    • with an overall population of 8 million can they sustain a good online poker community, haven’t we seen this before in portugal, france, italy, small pools dry up fast…

      We got two other networks in 888 and Party in NJ and they do not show any signs of drying up anytime soon. So Stars will just improve it I think.

    • Stars def waited until they knew multi state approval was in the near future, I am hoping this means they decided not to take the route of current jersey sites manipulating the software somehow to make bad players run good and good players run bad knowing that a good player will still profit without cards and it kept the money from “drying up”, Even having loads of evidence, there is no real way to ever get proof of this but odds are odds for a reason and online has been around long enough to have a decent sample size to see how skewed the numbers are. Eventually Pokerstars late entrance into the market will serve as yet another advantage, because I know me and many others who will probably never tough the other sites again once theres another option, If this sites would have been honest and just not extremely greedy, they would have been able to build a loyal base and have an edge on stars, instead they mistreat, just ignore blatant for lack of a better word robbery at times, gaming shows their face but is not going to ever do anything to hurt these companies in an already going bankrupt area,soo they just do what they please taking the “if you dont like it dont play approach” knowing they were the only gigs around, and somehow their executives thought this was a good long term business plan lol, If Pokerstars maintains their integrity in this market, let alone the extra money they have, There is no way these other companies both will survive, I suspect but again cannot prove, that the reason Borgata is trying to get out of deal with party, is they realize they are doing shady activity and do not want it to ruin their brand, and also know that people look at borgata and party as one, so if they make an announcement they changed software, they will get a huge surge, especially because who wouldnt rather pick up money from borgata versus nasty downtown ac? But Party no matter what they would do its their software soo they screwed again could have had a great thing and been setup perfectly for years as new states were added to the network, instead they could not contain their urge to be greedy for a few years and its going to cost them not only their business but what potentially would have been almost an unlimited future of good money, I just honestly cannot get over the arrogance of these executives who just somehow thought it would go unoticed and they could just do it forever its really sad… ok end of novel haha started typing and got caught in my obviously negative emotions toward the current companies, very justified though

    • Never will it be “back”

      But its here…baby steps required for expansion

      Still surprised we never had an illegal path to play win and cashout this whole time…the tech community let us down
      where was the anti-geo lock feature on the new pokertracker or something…

      anyways…..god sure works in mysterious ways with the nj only…such dry cold humor this almighty whitey