PokerStarsNJ Tournament Schedule Includes $50K GTD “Sunday Special”


Just days before their full launch, PokerStars NJ announced their tournament schedule.

After a long and hard-fought battle, PokerStars New Jersey officially began dealing legal, real money poker hands in New Jersey on Wednesday, kicking off a five-day “soft launch” phase mandated by state regulators. The excitement was palpable amongst the New Jersey poker community, which was happy to see the familiar PokerStars software client once again available in the Garden State.

On Thursday, the online poker giant gave players even more to look forward to by announcing the recurring daily and Sunday Major tournament schedule.

Since the site is ring-fenced and limited to the players in state of New Jersey, the events on the schedule offer just a fraction of the guarantees available to PokerStars players in other parts of the world. Even so, when the site ends its soft launch period and opens up to the entire state, or potentially pools players with other US states, there is plenty of room for growth.

Daily Tournaments

The daily tournaments are broken down into six categories: The Daily Bigs, The Hot Turbos, KO Fever, Nightly Stars, Change-Up and Moonlight Express. Here’s more:

  • The Daily Bigs are freezeout tourneys running daily running from 4 PM-7 PM that feature 10,000 chip stacks with 8-12 minute blind levels. Buy-ins for the four events on offer start at $5 and max out at $50. The $50 tournament boasts a $1,500 guarantee, the highest of the group.
  • The Hot Turbos feature fast-paced action, with players starting with 10,000 chips and blind levels increasing every five minutes. Tournaments run from 8 PM-12 AM with buy-ins going as high as $50.
  • KO Fever is comprised of four Super Knockout or Progressive Super Knockout tournaments which start at 1:30 PM and run until 10:30 PM. The $50 entry tournament is the highest on offer for the group and guarantees $3,000.
  • Nightly Stars is a $100 nightly tournament beginning at 7 PM, which boasts a $10,000 guarantee, the biggest of all the daily events.
  • Change-Up is made up of three tournaments with buy-ins of $5, $15 and $20. As the name implies, these events shake things up by offering Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha and Stud.
  • Moonlight Express is a $20 buy-in late-night tournament which kicks off at 11 PM. It features a Hyper-Turbo structure and a $1,000 guarantee.

Sunday Majors

New Jersey players will also able to enjoy the five following Sunday tournaments:

  • Sunday Warm-Up kicks off the big Sunday tournaments at 4 PM with a $50 buy-in and a $10,000 guarantee.
  • Sunday Storm is a $5,000 guaranteed tournament which starts at 5 PM and, at $10, features the lowest buy-in of all the Sunday Majors.
  • Sunday Special boasts a $50,000 guarantee, the biggest of the day, with a $200 buy-in. Qualifiers will be running and give players the opportunity to enter for a fraction of the price.
  • Sunday High Roller begins at 7 PM and boasts a $500 buy-in with a $15,000 guarantee. The buy-in is the biggest of the day.
  • Sunday Supersonic is the last tournament of the day and features a speedy Hyper-Turbo structure with a $75 buy-in and $5,000 guaranteed.

This schedule kicks in on Monday, March 21 when the “soft-launch” phase is officially over. The first PokerStars NJ Sunday Majors will run March 27.

Sign-up for PokerStars New Jersey now from anywhere in the United States and be ready to play the second you’re in New Jersey.


    • So, first sunday majors will be on Easter? seems like bad planning, lol

      Kinda does, but it won’t stop people from firing up imo.

    • Kinda does, but it won’t stop people from firing up imo.

      I may sneak over the border later in the day… its been too long pokerstars!

      and 2 50ks to play in! woot!

    • I may sneak over the border later in the day… its been too long pokerstars!

      and 2 50ks to play in! woot!

      See you at the tables.

    • Please remeber it was the 250 thousand others doin it at the same time which was the cool thing…um, we kinda need that…so flip the dang switch and add nj to main pool…geez!!

      Hear me pokerstars dylan!!! Just one stupid mouse click, BAM, we fine….will move to fricken joysey i guess…
      gotta flip it yo….

      us player merge not good enough either!!! so, chop chop!!! were all loosing money here!!