#PokerTwitter Reacts To The $100K Pitch Black Bathroom Prop Bet

The story of the $100K bathroom bet went viral on Thursday.

The details of one of most talked about prop bets in recent poker history came to light Thursday and the poker world can’t stop buzzing about it.

During a heads-up match at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, poker professionals Rory Young and Rich Alati came to an arrangement for a $100,000 prop bet that would send Alati into a pitch black bathroom for 30 days.

There were no odds given, just each pro putting up $100K. Alati is immersed in darkness with nothing but randomized food delivery, toiletries, a Rubik’s Cube and time on his hands. No electronics, no light-emitting devices, and no drugs or sleep aides to help Alati pass the time.

The thought of spending an entire month cut off from society with no human interaction in complete darkness brought out visceral reactions on whether this not only could be done, but should be done.

Daniel Negreanu firmly stood in one camp.

And on the other side, Super High Roller Bowl champion Brian Rast though it was definitely doable.

But for many of those who read the article and saw the conditions, it seemed like Alati is going to have a hard time finishing this out.

It’s not just the enormity of the task that had people talking. The fact that Alati didn’t even get odds on what feels like a potentially difficult and dangerous task had some scratching their heads including Team PokerStars Online’s Fintan Hand.

The thought of completing this prop bet seemed to really strike a nerve. But not everyone thought that Alati got the worst of it. Some even chimed in thinking they could do something like this…especially for $100K (or less).

Not to be outdone by this outrageous prop bet is one of the kings of poker prop bets, Huck Seed who not only would take on this challenge but wants to up the ante for $1M. The conditions he laid out were even more savage than the current prop bet. Seed suggests 40 days, no bed, no food for the first 21 days and he also said there could be “some cockroaches in the bathroom.”