Poland’s Slayer_pol Wins Second Triple Crown


On March 14th, Poland’s Slayer_poltook down a $109 buy-in tournament on 888 Poker. While the cash itself was good for $2,400, it also meant his second online poker Triple Crown. In the previous week, he had taken down three $10,000 prize pool tournaments across three sites tracked for the PocketFives Poker Rankingsand earned yet another award. He’s at #180 worldwide and sits at #2 in the Sortable Poker Rankings for his European home.

“It feels great,” Slayer_pol boasted when asked how his second Triple Crown compared to his first. “Winning another Triple Crown was definitely one of my goals for 2012. After the first one, I wasn’t sure if it was even possible to get a second one, so it might have meant a little more. It’s a big deal because in order to motivate myself to grind a lot, I need to have goals like that. I also had a side bet with one of my friends.”

It’s always exciting to make side bets, especially when a Triple Crown is on the line, but the Polish player said there wasn’t a lot of money at stake: “It was a side bet with a friend who plays poker occasionally and didn’t believe that I could win a Triple Crown again. There wasn’t much money involved, but proving it’s not only about luck means a lot too.”

His three Triple Crown wins came on Carbon Poker, PokerStars, and 888. Two tournaments were freezeouts, while the PokerStars event was a $55 rebuy. When asked how he fares in rebuys versus freezeouts, Slayer_pol responded, “I definitely prefer rebuys and cubes simply because you can play longer with bigger stacks, and that means more space to get chips from weaker players, who will make more mistakes with deep stacks. I’m doing okay in low- and mid-stakes rebuys; in the higher stakes ones, I could be a weak player.”

He’s a full-time poker player who is trying to branch out into live poker, which would allow him to travel more. Where does he want to go? “I would like to choose places where aside from playing poker, I could see some interesting things and also watch some football since that’s my biggest interest beside poker. Right now, I’m considering traveling to the Unibet Open in Paris, EPT Berlin, and PPT Greece. But, I will have to run good in satellites since I can’t afford direct buy-ins.”

In December, Slayer_pol finished second in the PokerStars Sunday Second Chance for over $50,000. In the final weeks of 2011, he final tabled the weekly $100,000 Guaranteed on 888 Poker for $15,000. All told, he has over $1.2 million in tracked cashes from nearly 1,600 scores.

At some point in every serious poker player’s life, they must break the news to their family and friends that they’re pursuing the game full-time. For Slayer_pol, that process was anything but trouble-free: “My family seems to be fine with what I’m doing for a living right now. It was tough at the beginning, but as time went by and I proved I could earn money constantly, they finally accepted it. They were concerned about me losing money, going broke, and getting money from shady characters.”

As we said, he’s at $1.2 million in tracked cashes, #180 worldwide in the Rankings, and two Triple Crowns. His goals for 2012, however, are quite lofty: “I definitely don’t want to stop at just one Triple Crown. I think that ending the year with three or four will be a good challenge. I also would like to jump into the top 100 in the PocketFives Rankings, but know I will have to improve my game a lot to achieve that. I also want to play as many live events as I can to gain experience, which I lack.”

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