RANKINGS: Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn Leads Nevada Into Liquidity

David 'bewater' Goodman continues his run as Nevada's #1.

It’s another month on top of the PocketFives.com Nevada Rankings for Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn.

Despite taking it relatively easy when it comes to volume, McLawhorn (3,008.32 PLB points) managed to make four of his total six cashes in the month of April count toward his PLB total. In fact, he made the final table in all six of his April results, four of which resulted in four-figure scores. The short-but-sweet run was capped with a victory in the $500 Tuesday Showdown on WSOP NV on April 18 for $5,874 and 126.01 PLB points.

McLawhorn remains the only player in the Nevada player pool to accumulate north of 3,000 PLB points.

McLawhorn’s closest competition is Reno resident Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman (2,419.18) who remains #2 in the rankings. Hoffman put together an impressive month as well, adding over $16,000 to his bankroll over a dozen cashes in April. The bulk of his success came early in the month when he won the  $20,000 GTD Weekly Sunday tournament on WSOP NV for $5,700 and 141.42 PLB points. He then repeated the feat the very next Sunday for over $5,800. Hoffman sits just outside the Worldwide Top 1000, currently ranked #1004 in the world.

Staying true to form, ‘wsopfreezer’ (2,200.67), Nevada’s #3-ranked player, put in a healthy amount of volume in April. Of his 49 cashes in the month, four of them qualified for PLB points. This included a third-place finish in the April 25 edition of the $15,000 Tuesday Showdown where he took home over $3,300 and 77.45 PLB points, his largest score of the month. The mistakes grinder is currently closing in on $500,000 in lifetime earnings, just over $43,000 away from the mark.

Hot on the heels of ‘wsopfreezer’ is Jason ‘Roberts34’ Roberts (2,174.45). Roberts, currently ranked #4 in Nevada, is only 26.22 PLB points shy of the #3 ranking and with the amount of volume he’s been putting in – he could take that spot at any time. Roberts, who plays mostly small to mid-stakes tournaments managed to accumulate eight PLB-qualifying cashes in April. Three of his finishes resulted in four-figure scores, the largest being his victory in the April 14 edition of the $3,000 GTD Nightly on WSOP NV for $1,867.32.

In March, the #5-ranked Jake ‘Wolf_51’ Didonato (1,973.75) managed only four cashes but all four qualified for PLB points. In April, he did exactly the same thing. He put in light volume and managed a total of four qualifying cashes. In total, he brought in over $3,500 for his efforts and while his PLB point total did slip a little, he managed to maintain his top 5 status.

‘Power’ (1,931.69) put together back-to-back victories on WSOP NV on April 15 to help him maintain the #6 ranking. First up, he won the $3,000 GTD Nightly for $1,702.15 – his largest cash in April. Then he capped off the $850 GTD for an additional $552.91.

Both David ‘MastAAce08’ Goodman (1,885.06) and Thomas ‘Butters’ Kearney (1,704.93) also held fast in the #7 and #8 rankings respectively throughout April.

Las Vegas’ ‘CloverSparklesFartShovels’ (1,565.40) climbs into the top 10, currently ranked #9, after putting together 12 total qualifying cashes in April. His month was highlighted by a win in the April 4 edition of the $3,000 GTD Nightly on WSOP NV for $1,861.75 and 80.61 PLB points.

Completing the rankings this month is ‘Sporksin’ (1,532.70). He put together an impressive month, notching 10 qualifying cashes out of 22 results for the tournament grinder.

With WSOP.com introducing shared liquidity between players in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware there will likely be larger prize pools and therefore more PLB points up for grabs. This could mean big shakeups in the Nevada rankings in the upcoming months.

Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 10

1 bcm4924 3,008.32
2 JCHAK 2,419.18
3 wsopfreezer 2,200.67
4 Roberts34 2,174.45
5 Wolf_51 1,973.75
6 Power 1,931.69
7 MastAAce08 1,885.06
8 Butters 1,704.93
9 CloverSparklesFartShovels 1,565.40
10 Sporksin 1,532.70