Rankings Update: The rdcrsn Formula


Last week, rdcrsn (pictured) taught us all how to crack the top 10 (win over $100k in 7 days or less, remember?). This week, he continued his benevolent ways by bestowing upon us a formula for the next crucial step: advancing within the top ten. The formula is quite simple really: just win a tournament worth $141,000. That's all, no sweat right? Rdcrsn won the PokerRoom $500,000 Guaranteed Grand Tournament XXI for that very amount, and in doing so he moved into 9th place in the PocketFives.com World Wide Rankings.

In the top 20 four players made strides towards the top. Moorman1 (pictured left) had another impressive week, this time consisting of three different 5-figure scores. He won the PokerRoom $50,000 European Rebuy for $14,600, placed 2nd in the FullTilt $750,000 Guarantee for $36,592, and finished 4th in the FullTilt Sunday Mulligan for $15,230. These results boosted him up into 11th, two better than his previous ranking. Also advancing by two is gboro780. He is now 15th. Shaundeeb is right behind him at 16th. Djk123 won two tournaments–the PokerStars Nightly Hundred Grand and a PokerStars $109 Rebuy–for a total of $66,386. Two hard fought wins allowed him to take over 18th (previously 27th).

Moving on to the top 50, there are five players attempting to stir up the rankings. Goodvibe (pictured right) cashed for $24,217 last week and improved to 30th. Rizen won the UltimateBet $20,000 Guaranteed Bounty and took over 34th. Sketchy1 made five final tables, including a 4th place finish in a PokerStars $109 Rebuy for $11,192. His new ranking is 44th, eleven better than last time. Makavelyces won a PokerStars $55 Rebuy for $10,713 and is now 48th. Ship Happens finds himself at 49th this week after winning the FullTilt $65,000 Guarantee for $31,632.

In the top 100, at least six players had weeks worth mentioning. ElMastermind won the PokerStars $215 Rebuy for $46,485, won the FullTilt Turbo $20,000 Guarantee for $11,232, and placed 2nd in a PokerStars $109 Rebuy for $11,960. This nice run helped him jump 19 spots into 54th. THEDONATOR (pictured left) had a great week as well. He won a PokerStars $109 Rebuy for $31,709 and the very next day placed 2nd in another $109 Rebuy for $15,208. This facilitated a large move up (28 places to be exact) to 61st. Pbdrunks continues the trend of big jumpers as he climbed 19 in getting to 64th. He won the PokerStars $20,000 Guaranteed, won the FullTilt $25,000 Guarantee, and took 3rd in the FullTilt $64,000 Guarantee for a grand total of more than $35k.

The next three players in the top 100 are Mkind16 (pictured right), Anbessa, and Zugwat. Mkind won the UltimateBet $20k Guaranteed and improved to 70th in the rankings. Anbessa, a huge mover in this week's update, final tabled seven tournaments and won three of them, the most significant of which was a win in the UltimateBet $200k Guaranteed for $48,048. He is now ranked 71st (previously 99th). Zugwat took over 81st after a solid performance in the PokerStars Super Tuesday, where he finished 3rd for $33,681.

New or returning to the rankings are GhettoFabolous, The-Toilet, aaronbeen (pictured left), stevoL, and bigredAK (ranked 86th, 88th, 95th, 97th, and 99th respectively). GhettoFabolous took 4th in the PokerStars SuperTuesday for $26,160 and 1st in a PokerStars $109 Rebuy for $23,898. The-Toilet won the FullTilt Fifty-Fifty and went out in 3rd in the FullTilt $55,000 Guarantee. Aaronbeen finished 5th in the PokerStars SuperTuesday for $19,620. SteveoL, the #1 ranked player in Australia, took 2nd in the FullTilt $60,000 Guarantee. BigredAK won the PokerStars Nightly Hundred Grand for $27,786.

That does it for this update, but be sure to check back next week for all the news and action on the PocketFives.com Online Tournament Player Rankings.