‘RaúlGonzalez’ Soars Over $520K to Claim December’s High Stakes Crown

Laszlo ‘omaha4rollz’ Bujtas was the second biggest online cash game winner in December (partypoker photo)

The high stakes cash game world takes no time off for the holidays. This December featured more six-figure pots and huge swings. Finishing on top of the leaderboard for the month is ‘RaúlGonzalez.’ The total haul of ‘RaúlGonzalez’ topped out at $521,189 in winnings over the course of 32 sessions. This is according to the data on Highstakesdb.com.

It took ‘RaúlGonzalez’ 5,892 hands to reach this total with Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom playing a role in him achieving this number. On December 18, the pair battled in $1,000/$2,000 2-7 Triple Draw and 8-Game mix. ‘RaúlGonzalez’ came out on top in both games and finished the day up almost $220,000. Earlier in the month, ‘RaúlGonzalez’ beat Blom for a comparable amount in the same two games.

Of the top-10 winners in D

ecember, ‘RaúlGonzalez’ put in the fourth fewest sessions, making the most of his limited volume.

‘RaúlGonzalez’ finished the month with over twice as many winnings as second-place Laszlo ‘omaha4rollz’ Bujtas. In November, Bujtas placed third in the rankings with $150,598 in winnings. This time around, Bujtas has upped that total to $246,988 in 79 sessions and 4,094 hands. Bujtas was on a downward trend heading into the last two months of the year but is now entering 2018 with a profit of almost $400,000 from 2017.

Sitting in third place is ‘Grazvis1,’ who put in the most sessions of anyone in the top-10. ‘Grazvis1’ logged on for 166 sessions in December and made $162,163 over their 5,358 hands. December saw ‘Grazvis’ build his graph off a consistent upswing line with Pot Limit Omaha the most played game.

Linus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger jumps in at #4. Loeliger won $148,753 in the previous month despite playing only 1,398 hands in his 37 sessions.

If you’re looking for efficiency, Ben ‘Ben86’ Tollerene is the model. In only four sessions, Tollerene racked up $132,460 in 573 hands played. Tollerene dueled against Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov in $100/$200 PLO on December 31 and earned $109,968. Those winnings came in the span of 374 hands for Tollerene.

‘BlackFortuna’ and ‘Azrarn’ inputted 101 and 94 sessions, respectively and both ended December with over six-figures in winnings. ‘Azrarn’ put in most of their volume in Fixed Limit Hold’em while ‘BlackFortuna’ stuck with Pot Limit Omaha.

Following Tollerene’s methodology to play less and profit more is Sami ‘LarsLuzak’ Kelopuro. The Finnish high stakes pro only played 12 sessions and 578 hands but came out on the other side with a $87,297 profit. Kelopuro won most of his buck in $100/$200 PLO, taking over $48,000 of the table on December 28.

In 10th place is ‘Truelove13.’ Similar to ‘Azrarn,’ ‘Truelove13’ beasted the FLHE tables to the tune of $83,037 won in 99 sessions. In those 99 sessions, ‘Truelove13’ played 6,661 hands.

Bujtas wound up being the only repeat top-10 finished from November. January is a fresh start for all players and it will be interesting to see how the high stakes world shakes out in the next couple of weeks.

HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for December

1 RaúlGonzalez 32  5,892 $521,189
2 omaha4rollz 79 4,094 $246,988
3 Grazvis1 166 5,358 $162,163
4 LLinusLLove 37 1,398 $148,753
5 Ben86 4 573 $132,460
6 BlackFortuna 101 4,913 $115,531
7 Azrarn 94 6,392 $104,760
8 prot0 54 2,005 $93,042
9 Lrzlzk 12 578 $87,297
10 Truelove13 99 6,661 $83,037