Rihards ‘Rihard4a’ Dobelis Tops 888poker Winners List For February

Rihards ‘Rihard4a’ Dobelis used 888poker's RakeLESS promotion and topped the list of winners for the month of February.

February was another fantastic month for PocketFivers crushing the multi-table tournament scene over on 888poker

There were a number of promotions throughout the month, including a two Sundays of rake-free contests. Those promos drew huge fields into 888poker’s marquee tournaments with the largest guarantees.

Perhaps no PocketFiver was a bigger beneficiary of the RakeLESS tournaments than Latvia’s Rihards ‘Rihard4a’ Dobelis. Dobelis took down the February 17 edition of the $100,000 RakeLESS Sunday Mega Deep for a career-high cash of $27,670. That win propelled him to the top of the 888poker earnings list as he amassed $29,922 in total winnings. That sum included a bronze medal finish in the February 20 edition of the $15,000 GTD Big Fish where he tacked on another $1,700. The Latvian currently sits inside with worldwide top 1000 and had just eclipsed over $600,000 in total lifetime earnings.

Right behind Dobelis is another RakeLESS winner. Michael ‘Wywrot’ Wywrot picked up a victory in the February 3 $100,000 RakeLESS Sunday Main Event, taking home $25,137 for his efforts. Wywrot, a PocketFiver since 2006, also binked a fourth-place finish in the February 10 Sunday Challenge bringing in another $2,196 to make a monthly total of $28,045. The Canadian is closing in on an impressive $4 million in total lifetime earnings.

Rounding out the top three earners of the month is ‘kudesnik2012’ from Belarus. His runner-up finish to Dobelis in the February 17 $100K RakeLESS Sunday Mega Deep not only brought him a career-high score of $20,276 but it also wrapped the tournament with a one-two finish for PocketFivers, both of whom earned new career-topping cashes and paid no rake to do it.

888poker Top 10 Earners of February 2019

Username Total Won Cashes Wins
Rihard4a $29,922.49 8 1
wywrot $28,045.75 3 1
kudesnik2012 $20,515.73 5 0
ksieciunio $18,225.48 14 0
lena900 $17,539.60 2 0
Kaktus26rus $17,171.92 28 2
tim kelly $16,458.50 2 0
JonnyStep $15,405.64 30 3
gifuhorna $14,957.51 29 1
IgorK $14,500.00 1 0

Russia’s ‘Neverhood007’ has, for the third month in a row, topped the list of players who finished in the money. As we have mentioned in the past, as a micro-grinder, ‘Neverhood007’ puts in an amazing amount of volume. Even though this month he ‘only’ finished in the money 66 times (last month he touched 115 cashes), it is still good enough for him to claim the top spot. He pulled in $1,927 in earnings this month, including four top-three finishes.

February was the two year anniversary for Austria’s ‘Lockerl71’, who takes second on 888poker’s most cashes list. With one fewer cashes than ‘Neverhood007’, his 65 times in the money brought his over $8,600 in earnings. Playing mostly small-to-mid stakes, he picked up two four-figure scores including his monthly highlight of a runner-up finish in the February 5 edition of the $15,000 GTD Big Fish for $2,654. If he continues to put in the kind of volume that he did in February, he will be earning his $500K lifetime total badge before the end of the year.

Felipe ‘flocci’ Mocci finds himself up five spots on this list from last month. The Brazilian grinder notched 63 cashes in the month and pulled down just over $1,400 while grinding the micros. Mocci earned 13 top three finishes in the month, five of which were victories.

888poker Top 10 Cashers of February 2019

Username Total Won Cashes Wins
Neverhood007 $1,927.40 66 1
Lockerl71 $8,612.63 65 2
fmocci $1,414.44 63 5
DoperHarley $1,250.90 62 3
zon3x $4,862.61 56 1
gailius46 $4,442.77 52 9
evenstacknow $10,814.65 49 1
sizzlinbetta $2,313.88 47 4
Flavio Felipe $2,907.53 45 1
BLaaZeKuSH $4,281.09 42 4

Lithuania’s ‘gailius46’ went on a heater in February, locking down nine total wins to top the list of top first-place finishers. ‘gailius46’, who plays nearly exclusively on 888poker, put together a nice string of results in the month, but none better for him than on February 18. He went back-to-back-to-back with three consecutive victories. First, he won the $1K GTD R&A for $285. He followed that up with a victory in the $1,000 10+10 Knockout for another $282. He wrapped up his day by taking down the $1,000 GTD 8-Max for another $218. In total, he brought home over $4,400 in the month, pushing his lifetime total to more than $330,000.

‘JonnyWhite1’ from Russia sits at number two on this list with six total victories. The small-stakes tournament grinder earned himself just over $1,200 with 14 podium finishes out of 22 total cashes.

Mocci also finds himself tied for third on this list with Brazil’s ’cllaytoon’, both of whom earned five total victories in the month. ‘cllaytoon’ added $1,975 to his total career earnings, pushing it to just up over $20,000.

888poker Top 10 1st Place Finishers of February 2019

Username Total Won Cashes Wins
gailius46 $4,442.77 52 9
JonnyWhite1 $1,206.01 22 6
cllaytoon $1,975.70 26 5
fmocci $1,414.44 63 5
BLaaZeKuSH $4,281.09 42 4
FerDJin $2,649.07 11 4
sizzlinbetta $2,313.88 47 4
Cherman9 $1,763.83 40 3
keribazas $2,255.61 38 3
vsmithc413 $5,260.99 27 3