Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky Crushed 888poker MTTs in February

Roman 'Romeopro33' Romanovsky leads the list of PocketFivers who won on 888poker in 2018.

Comin on the heels of his runner-up finish in the XL Blizzard Mini Main Event, Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky put together a dominant February on 888poker to be the top-earning PocketFiver on the site.

It took just eight cashes for Romanovsky to rack up $71,621 in winnings. His biggest score came on February 4 when he won the $125,000 Whale for a $34,375 payday. Exactly three weeks later he finished runner-up to ‘OlNKOinkOink‘ in the $100,000 Whale for $20,350. Proving he’s not just about the big buy-in events, Romanovsky also managed to finish runner-up in the $88 buy-in $15,000 Great 8 event on the final day of the month to earn f$2,864.

Sweden’s Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar had the second best month of any PocketFiver on 888poker, but still found himself almost $30,000 behind Romanovsky. His biggest score came when he won the $50,000 Volcano event on February 27 for $15,008. A little over two weeks earlier, Korsar finished fourth in the $120,000 Volcano for $12,100.

Canadian Sebastian ‘p0cket00’ Sikorski put up more volume than Romanovsky and Korsar on his way to winning $31,465.30. Of his 10 cashes, six were of the four-figure variety. His single biggest score came from a sixth-place finish in the $120,000 Whale for $6,655.

Russian ‘josef_shvejk‘ continued to dominate online, earning $28,740.75 on 888poker. He only picked up five cashes with $15,400 of his winnings coming in the $100,000 Whale on February 24 for his biggest score.

Other PocketFivers to have solid months on 888poker included Rodrigo ‘sonmonedas’ Perez, former #1-ranked Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman, Charlie ‘chaz_man_chaz’ Combes, Alessandro ‘JaNdRo27’ Sarro and ‘machiavelli3‘.

Top 10 February Earning PocketFivers on 888poker

  1. Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky – $71,621.00
  2. Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar – $42,336.57
  3. Sebastian ‘p0cket00’ Sikorski – $31,465.30
  4. msksevart – $30,480.03
  5. josef_shvejk – $28,740.75
  6. Rodrigo ‘sonmonedas’ Perez – $26,750.00
  7. Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman – $25,923.50
  8. Charlie ‘chaz_man_chaz’ Combes – $22,678.49
  9. Alessandro ‘JaNdRo27’ Sarro – $21,785.92
  10. machiavelli3 – $21,443.56