Rui ‘PepperoniF’ Cao Dominates High Stakes Online Cash in April

Rui Cao took home $245,862 playing high stakes online cash games in April.

High stakes Pot Limit Omaha specialist Rui ‘PepperoniF’ Cao earned $245,862 to top the list of cash game winners for the month of April, according to data provided by

Rui put together winnings over 39 sessions and 4475 hands and split his online time between the beginning and the end of the April. Early in the month, the French pro booked a roughly $82K profit at the $100/$200 PLO tables against Sami ‘Lrslak’ Kelopuro. The sessions pushed him up over $200,000 in winnings which he sat on for a couple of weeks, taking a break from the online games. Then, as the month began to wind down, Rui was back in action and hauled in a massive $195,000 win, the majority of which he extracted from high stakes pro Ben Tollerene, to put him up over $380,000 for the month.

But a number of losing sessions over the last few days of April mitigated his wins, pulling his profit back down to the near quarter million dollar mark. Rui currently sits in the top 5 most profitable cash games players for 2018.

Only $1,000 in profit behind Rua is Linus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger who finished the month of April with $244,764 in winnings. Loeliger spend the majority of the month grinding the high stakes No Limit Hold’em tables, which accounted for roughly $140,000 of his profit. He also went on a filthy one-day heater right at the end of the month playing Pot Limit Omaha which added an extra $100,000 to his win total.

Loeliger tacked on to his profit for the year, currently leading all players in 2018 with roughly $818,000 in winnings.

It should be no surprise that online phenom Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky makes an appearance on April’s winner’s list. Currently second, only being Loeliger, on pure profit for 2018 with nearly $430,000 in winnings, Sulsky seems to dominate whenever he logs on. This month he played 60 sessions and over 5800 hands to grind up $184,987 in winnings. It wasn’t always easy in April though. Early on Sulsky went on a $100,000 downswing at the Pot Limit Omaha tables. But after taking a small break in the middle of the month, he returned and earned it all back and then some, ending up over $80,000 in the black on just PLO. He added over $100,000 in winnings playing high stakes 8-Game Mix and ends the month third on the leaderboard.

Fourth on the April high stakes leaderboard is Pot Limit Omaha player ‘EEE27’. Having spent the majority of the month dormant, ‘EEE27’ logged on in the middle of the month and charted a graph that basically shoots straight up. Taking to the $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO games on PokerStars he booked wins over a five day period that put him up over $180,000 in profit. After taking a small loss, ‘EEE27’ ended the month with $162,450 in profit pushing his yearly profit to up over $383,000, good for third on the year so far.

It took uroTr@sh1′ only 2714 hands to add $115,996 in winnings to his bankroll, good for the fifth most profitable player of the month. Like many of those on the winner’s list, ‘uroTr@sh1′ found success on the PLO tables, especially when playing against ‘ImagineKing’, a player that seemed to bring out all the sharks. Though he played the fewest hands of any player in the top five he did average a win rate of over $57 per hand played. The month was a big boon for ‘uroTr@sh1′ as he has spent the majority of his high stakes career in the red and April has been, by far, his biggest winning month of 2018. While the winning month helps keep him in the positive for 2018, he is still digging out of a lifetime hole that has him as losing roughly $230,000 total.

HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for April 2018

1 PepperoniF 39 4475 $245,862
2 LLinusLLove 159 7871 $244,764
3 Sauce123 60 5808 $184,987
4 EEE27 131 4459 $162,450
5 €uroTr@sh1 76 2714 $155,488
6 Jeans89 140 6350 $115,996
7 zerfer03 40 2874 $78,297
8 Drochba 24 1428 $64,332
9 probirs 102 5343 $63,387
10 MMAsherdog 86 3428 $53,274