Rui ‘RuiNF’ Ferreira Joins COOP Triple Crown Club with TCOOP Victory


Rui ‘RuiNF’ Ferreira is now part of a unique club following his TCOOP victory.

History was made on the third to final day of PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker as Rui ‘RuiNF’ Ferreira become just the third player to join the PokerStars COOP Triple Crown club with his win in Event #37.

Ferreira joins Shawn Buchanan and James ‘Andy McLEOD’ Obst as players to have won a WCOOP, SCOOP and TCOOP title in their career.

The day began however with Oscar ‘MendaLerenda’ Serradell beating out 299 other players to win Event #36, a $82 No Limit Draw event. The 300 players also produced 198 re-entries to push the total prize pool to $37,350 – well over the $25,000 guarantee.

When the final table started, Serradell, the #14-ranked player in the world, was second in chips behind only Artur ‘ARTSchGamble’ Scerbak. Serradell turned the tables early though after Scerbak dropped a big chunk of chips to ‘risto155’. Serradell busted Scerbak in fifth and found himself with the chip lead. After ‘MaTitheone’ busted ‘schn4trick’ in fourth, Serradell eliminated ‘risto155’ in third and then MaTitheone in second to win the first COOP title of his career and earn $7,096.70 in the process.

Ferreira’s history-making run came in Event #37, a $215 Six Max No Limit with rebuys Event. When the final table began Ferreira had 2,235,845 in chips – more than 1,000,000 ahead of his closest competitor. Shashank ‘felter1989’ Jain took care of the first elimination, sending ‘Tankanza’ out in sixth. Ferreira busted ‘oswald187’ in fifth before Jain sent ‘mczhang’ out in fourth. Despite picking up two of the first three eliminations, Jain was on the losing end of a blind vs. blind battle against Ferreira and was done in third place leaving only ‘uWannaLoan?’ between Ferreiro and the COOP Triple Crown.

After chop discussions went nowhere, Ferreiro went to work at winning the tournament outright. On the final hand of the night ‘uWannaLoan?’ raised to 336,000 before Ferreiro moved all in. ‘uWannaLoan?’ called and tabled JcJh while Ferreiro was needed some assistance with Ah6s. The AcKd3h flop gave Ferreiro top pair and that held through the 8c turn and 6h river to give Ferreira the TCOOP title and another $81,474 in earnings.

In Event #38, a $215 Ante Up No Limit Hold’em event with Progressive Super Knockout, ‘chickensssss’ (chicken on PocketFives) came out on top of a 1,191 player field to win $20,556.66. ‘chickensssss’ dominated the final table, eliminating five of the last six players to collect not only their chips, but their bounties as well.

On the final hand of the tournament, ‘chickensssss’ called from the small blind before ‘philipgm’ raised to 90,010. ‘chickensssss’ called to send both players to a KhTc3c flop. ‘chickensssss’ called ‘philipgm’s bet of 119,001. After the 7h turn ‘philipgm’ bet 202,311 and again ‘chickensssss’ called. The 8d river got ‘philipgm’ to move all in for 849,047 and ‘chickensssss’ called and tabled Th5d for second pair while ‘philipgm’ showed Qc9c for busted straight and flush draws.

The final event of the day, Event #39, saw ‘duffm0n’ emerge victorious in the $82 Six Max Limit Hold’em event over a field of 643 players. The final table included Team PokerStars Pro Kosei ‘K. Ichinose’ Ichinose who finished fifth.

With just three players remaining ‘RyderRock’ had the chip lead over both ‘duffm0n’ and ‘TaBuLA_Ras4’. Early talks of a chop were quickly dismissed by ‘duffm0n’ and play continued. Not long after that ‘RyderRock’ and ‘duffm0n’ tangled that eliminated ‘RyderRock’ and sent ‘duffm0n’ on to a quick heads-up battle with ‘TaBuLA_Ras4’ that ended when ‘duffm0n’ made a full house on a Ah4d4s8s2d board with ‘TaBuLA_Ras4’ betting the entire way with just queen-high.

TCOOP Event #36: $82 No Limit Draw (re-entry)
300 entrants, 198 re-entries
$37,350 prize pool

  1. Oscar ‘MendaLerenda’ Serradell – $7,096.70
  2. MaTitheone – $5,229.00
  3. risto155 – $3,828.37
  4. schn4trick – $2,614.50
  5. Artur “ARTSchGamble” Scerbak – $1,867.50
  6. Bigboss300 – $1,195.20

TCOOP Event #37: $215 Six Max No Limit Hold’em (rebuys)
659 entrants, 1,543 rebuys
$440,400 prize pool

  1. Rui ‘RuiNF’ Ferreira – $81,474.00
  2. uWannaLoan? – $60,775.20
  3. Shashank “felter1989” Jain – $45,141.00
  4. mczhang – $30,828.00
  5. oswald187 – $22,020.00
  6. Tankanza – $13,212.00

TCOOP Event #38: $215 Ante Up No Limit Hold’em (Progressive Super Knockout)
1,191 entrants
$238,200 total prize pool

  1. chickensssss – $20,556.66
  2. philipgm – $14,887.50
  3. MarcusG22 – $11,314.50
  4. RodRish – $8,289.36
  5. pcayobh – $5,895.45
  6. Tankanza – $4,704.45
  7. FiatEruditio – $3,513.45
  8. The Carnadas – $2,322.45
  9. marksfive – $1,310.10

TCOOP Event #39: $82 Six Max Limit Hold’em
643 entrants
$48,225 prize pool

  1. duffm0n – $8,921.95
  2. TaBuLA_Ras4 – $6,655.05
  3. RyderRock – $4,943.06
  4. _stel_23_ – $3,375.75
  5. K. Ichinose – $2,411.25
  6. BADEXTASY – $1,446.75