Russian ‘msksevart’ Dominated 888poker in 2017

Fabrizio Gonzalez had a great year on 888poker.

888poker continued to create buzz in 2017 with online and live events a smashing success. The lobbies are always buzzing in one of the world’s largest sites. Tournaments can be found running during all hours of the day. Some players managed to pull in large sums from 888poker tournaments with PocketFivers chief among them.

In the driver’s seat is ‘msksevart’ who picked up $282,936 in winnings on 888poker in 2017. The Russian ‘msksevart’ won 64 events on the site, placing him third on the overall leaderboard. The most money won by ‘msksevart’ in a tournament last year on 888poker came on April 22. ‘Msksevart’ won the $25,000 guaranteed Octopus for $5,928; a win that accounted for only two percent of their overall winnings for the year.

The race for first place behind ‘msksevart’ for overall winnings was a close one. Roman ‘Romeopro’ Romanovsky tagged along in second place with $264,007. Less than $2,000 behind him in third place is former PocketFives #1 Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez. Neither of those two players finished in the top-10 in cashes or wins on the site among PocketFivers.

The top-10 for overall winnings is a ‘who’s who’ of the best PocketFives has to offer. Former #1 ‘lena900’ is in the mix as are ‘Sheater’ and Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren.

All players who ranked in the top-10 for total earnings on 888poker effectively hit the $200,000 mark.

Leading the way by a large margin for total wins on 888poker is ‘BLaaZeKuSH.’ The only player to top 100 wins hit 112, with most of those victories coming in micro (under $22) tournaments. ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ also achieved the most cashes out of any player on 888poker with a stratospheric number of 1,610.

That equals out 4.4 cashes a day and over two cashes per week for a player who is over $900,000 in career earnings and pushing toward $1 million.

Finishing behind ‘BLaaZeKuSH’ in wins and cashes is Artem ‘ArtiTAG’ Ivanenko. When the calendar turned to January 1, Ivanenko booked a year with 1,528 cashes and 67 wins. All of Ivanenko’s wins came in micro events and all but one cash was in a baby bird.

Of the players who won the most on 888poker, none of them finished in the top-tier section of cashes or wins.

There is some crossover between the two latter categories. ‘Cherman9’ and ‘drbones666’ were two of three other players to make the top-10 in both. ‘Cherman9’ tallied 58 wins, placing them fifth, and added 735 cashes which was good for ninth. ‘drbones666’ ranked fourth in wins and cashes with 58 and 969, respectively. Also in the mix is ‘Vzsolt85,’ who managed to grab 49 wins and 739 cashes of their own.

Top 888poker PocketFivers of 2017

Player Earnings
msksevart $282,936
Romeopro $264,007
SixthSenSe19 $262,483
papan9_p$ $241,965
lena900 $231,187
lilachaa $222,427
bustindanut $215,185
Sheater $214,941
lovefee $205,745
r4ndomr4gs $199,572
Player Wins
BLaaZeKuSH 112
ARtiTAG 67
msksevart 64
drbones666 58
Cherman9 56
paraguaiiii 49
Vzsolt85 49
mugggggy 44
rameez 42
DelfiNchik1 42
Player Cashes
BLaaZeKuSH 1,610
ArtiTAG 1,528
machkonti 1,037
drbones666 969
gailius46 766
progresssive 763
jlaku 746
VZsolt85 739
Cherman9 735
hudfoter 732