Sadirov Topples Vieira Heads-Up to Claim WSOP Short Deck Crown

Radmir Sadirov won the WSOP Online $5K Short Deck event for $169K on Wednesday.

The latest World Series of Poker Online event on GGPoker saw big names go close at the final table as Radmir Sadirov topped them all to win his first WSOP bracelet and $169,111. After a thrilling heads-up win against Portuguese player Joao Vieira, Sadirov bagged gold as his opponent missed out on his second piece of WSOP jewelry.

Heading into the final table of seven players, it looked like it was the Russian player Sadirov’s title to lose. Sadirov had 258 antes, with a stack of 4.1 million chips, his nearest challenger being Yen-Liang Yao with 82 antes. It was Mukoro Gberevbie who was eliminated first, busting in seventh place for $24,159. Gberevbie called his stack off with AsKd but couldn’t catch Joao Vieira, whose JhJc rivered a full house on the Ts9c7c9dJs board.

With just six players remaining, Sam Greenwood lost his stack. The Canadian moved all-In for around 31 antes with KsJs only to be called by Sadirov with QsQh. The flop of AsQd6s gave Sadirov middle set, but Greenwood had a gutshot straight and flush draw. The 6h turn was no good for Greenwood and the 9d river ended the hand in the chip leader’s favor, busting Greenwood in sixth place for $33,413.

The final table took 90 minutes in its entirety, and another quick bust-out sent a poker legend home without the bracelet. Dario Sammartino, who finished second in the 2019 WSOP Main Event too, busted when he called all-in with Kc7c after Daniel Dvoress three-bet shoved with AsQc. The JcTh7h flop put Sammartino into the lead, and that stayed the case after the 8h turn. The Ad river, however, gave Dvoress top pair and that ousted Sammartino in fifth for $46,214.

Four players remained, and while Dvoress had done well to eliminate a powerful foe, he couldn’t use that hand to propel a comeback. Shortest in chips, the Italian called all-in with AdQs after Sadirov’s aggressive shove pre-flop with KsTd. The board of Kh8s6d9cJh saw Dvoress run out of luck as Sadirov hit top pair which was enough to send Sammartino home in fourth place for $63,918.

After coming into play second in chips, Taiwanese player Yao busted in third place for $88,404 when his all-in move with JhTh met opposition with Sadirov’s easy call with AdAc. The flop of 9d9c7h almost locked up the hand for Sadirov, and Yao’s chances slimmed to a gutshot on the As turn. Sadly for him, the Jc river sent play heads up and denied Yao the chance to compete for the title.

Sadirov held a lead going into the final duel, but it was not an insurmountable one, with Vieira holding 2.9 million antes against Sadirov’s 5.6 million. Those stacks stayed very similar in the early stages of the battle, and Sadirov only increased his lead shortly afterwards. Vieira, however, doubled up with pocket aces to close the gap to just a few antes to suggest a fightback was on the cards.

Sadirov, however, was not going to be denied. Widening the gap a little, he then raised it up with QsQc only for Vieira to shove with JsTc. The Ah9h7s flop gave Vieira a gutshot straight draw, but the As turn meant an eight and only an eight would do to turn it around. Sadly for the Portuguese player, the Qd river gave Sadirov a full house and ended the event in the Russian’s favor.

In what was an exciting event, 144 entries saw the top 20 places paid, with a $684,000 prize pool meaning Vieira earned $122,270 for his runner-up result. It was the eponymous Sadirov who won the top prize of $169,111 and his first WSOP bracelet in the $5,00-entry Short Deck event.

WSOP GGPoker Event #18 $5,000 Short Deck Final Table Results:

  1. Radmir ‘KOPOBA’ Sadirov – $169,111
  2. Joao Vieira – $122,270
  3. Yen-Liang ‘yao_poker’ Yao – $88,404
  4. Daniel Dvoress – $63,918
  5. Dario Sammartino – $46,214
  6. Sam Greenwood – $33,413
  7. Mukoro ‘AnonAnomaly’ Gberevbie – $24,159