Salomon, Steven Shine, Andress Struggles on High Stakes Poker Finale

Rick Salomon was one of the bigger winners on the Season 8 finale of High Stakes Poker. (PokerGo photo)

The long-awaited return season of High Stakes Poker wrapped up on Wednesday with a cast full of some of the most active players of the season. Tom Dwan, Rick Salomon, Jake Daniels, and Brandon Steven were splashing away as the clock wound down on Season 9.

The opening hand began with Daniels raising to $2,100 with QhTc. Dwan called with Jh8h before Salomon bumped the action up with a raise to $14,000 with AdKc. Daniels folded but Dwan called. The flop came AhJs4h and Dwan checked to Salomon and then called a bet of $20,000. The 7s turn produced similar action with Dwan check-calling a $25,000 bet from Salomon. The river was the 7d and Dwan checked once again. Salomon threw out a bet of $65,000 and after a brief contemplation, Dwan folded to let Salomon scoop the six-figure pot and add $63,100 to his stack. As Salomon was raking in the chips, Dwan offered him a $500 chip to let him see his cards. Salomon accepted and Dwan learned he made the correct fold.

Dwan made all of that and then some back on the next hand before James Bord got the best of John Andress in six-figure pot. Dwan straddled to $1,600, Salomon called, Andress raise to $3,200 with AsKh before Bord moved all in for $113,000 with JcJd. Dwan and Salomon folded and Andress called. With $230,800 in the middle, the players decided to run two full boards. The first board came JsTd4h4s2c to give Bord a full house. The second board was just as good with Bord making another set of jacks on the Jh8s2s flop. The Tc turn gave Andress straight outs but the Kc river was no help and Bord added $117,000 to his stack.

Andress’ rough night continued two hands later. Steven straddled to $1,600, Dwan raised to $5,000 with 6h2h, Salomon called with Ad5d, Andress called with 8d8s, and Steven came along for the ride. The KcQd8h flop resulted in a check from Steven, a $5,000 bet from Dwan, a fold from Salomon, and calls from both Andress and Steven. The turn was the 3h and Steven checked again. Dwan fired out $25,000, Andress called and Steven folded. The 4h completed the board and Dwan’s backdoor flush draw. Dwan bet enough to put Andress all in. After only a minute of contemplation, Andress called and was shown the bad news. Dwan netted $101,000 on the hand.

After adding another $200,000 to stay in the game, Andress found himself on the wrong side of another six-figure pot. Daniels opened to $2,500 with AdAs, Dwan called with Qd5d, before Andress raised to $10,000 with AhKc. Daniels re-raised to $40,000, forcing Dwan to muck his hand, and Andress called. The 9h7c4c flop gave Andress little to hold onto. Daniels bet $17,500 and Andress called. After the 9d turn Daniels bet $51,000 and Andress had little choice but to fold.

Six hands later, Andress dropped $80,000 without even seeing a flop. Andress straddled to $1,600 and was dealt JdJs, Bryn Kenney double-straddled to $3,200 and was dealt 2c2s. Steven raised to $11,000 with AdKc, Salomon re-raised to $35,000 with AsTc. With action back on him, Andress made it $80,000 to go. Steven needed just 40 seconds to five-bet to $214,000 forcing to Salomon and leaving Andress frustrated.

“I’m running into a fucking buzzsaw,” Andress said, as he threw his jacks into the muck.

The final hand of the night and the season started with Kenney straddling to $1,600. Steven called with 6d6s, Daniels called with 9c9d and Dwan raised to $9,000 with AsTs. Salomon called with 7c7s and Kenney, Steven, and Daniels all called to push the pot to $46,600 before the flop. The 7d4h2c flop put Salomon in front with top set. Salomon, Kenney, Steven, Daniels all checked to Dwan who bet $15,000. Everybody but Steven called to see the 4s turn pair the board and all four players checked. The Jc completed the board and Salomon led out for $45,000. Kenney folded, but Daniels called and after Dwan folded, Salomon told Daniels, “I got it,” and turned over the winning hand to take down the $196,600 pot.

PokerGo has not announced plans for a ninth season of High Stakes Poker, but during the opening segment of the season 8 finale, announcer AJ Benza hinted at the possibility. All episodes of the show are available on demand via PokerGo.