Sam Greenwood Wins partypokerLive MILLIONS Main Event at Punta Cana

Sam Greenwood capped off a great week by winning million in the partypokerLive Main Event

partypokerLive brought the MILLIONS series to Punta Cana for a $5,300 buy-in, $5,000,000 guaranteed main event. Of the 1,061 who entered, eight made the final table with seven different countries represented. With plenty of well-known names making a deep run, top pro Sam Greenwood was able to come out on top after coming back from under five big blinds at the final table.

The only American at the final table, Dan DiZenzo hit the rail in eighth place. On a flop of 8c7h5h, DiZenzo shoved out of the big blind with Ah2h. Andrey Shatilov folded the cutoff and Felipe Ramos called on the button with 9c9h. The 6d turn gave Ramos a straight and DiZenzo failed to catch a heart on the 4c river.

The continued German domination of poker fell into the hands of Udo Erlei but he was eliminated in seventh place. Shatilov opened to 15 million under the gun and Erlei three-bet all-in for 74 million. Shatilov called with KsJs and Erlei held the edge with JcJh. A king hit the flop and Erlei did not catch up.

With the blinds up to 3 million/6 million, Preben Stokkan shoved for 69 million with Jh9h and Greenwood isolated with a shove of his own holding AhTh. The 9c8c2d flop put Stokkan ahead but the Ad turn surged Greenwood back into the lead. No jack or nine hit the river and the final table was down to five.

A short-stacked Ramos got his last six blinds into the middle from under the gun holding 9d7d and Jiri Horak isolated him with JdJh on the button. The Kh6d3h flop gave Ramos backdoor equity but the Th turn and 2h river gave Horak a flush to bust the PokerStarsteam pro.

Horak was the next to fall and Shatilov claimed his second final table victim. Horak pushed for under 10 bigs on the button with AdQc and Shatilov committed calling chips from the big blind with KcJh. The Kd5h2h flop pushed Shatilov in the lead and Horak found no ace to save his tournament life.

Jonas Gjelstad fell shy of heads up play with Greenwood doing the task of felting him. Gjelstad shoved the button for 15 big blinds with As5d and Greenwood woke up with AcJh in the big blind. The final runout of Qh9h6cQd3h sent Gjelstad out and Greenwood and Shatilov into heads up play.

Shatilov opened heads up play with a 3:2 advantage but Greenwood quickly closed the gap.

Shatilov opened to 27 million with the blinds at 6 million/12 million with Ad4d and Greenwood three-bet with QhQs to 81 million. Shatilov pushed all-in and Greenwood committed his 407 million chips with a call. The AsQcTh flop gave Greenwood a set and he had the hand locked up by the turn.

In the final hand of the match, Greenwood opened with KhKd and Shatilov called with 9c8c. Shatilov checked the 8s6s4h flop and called a 20 million c-bet from Greenwood. Shatilov patted the 3d turn and Greenwood came out with 100 million. Shatilov moved all-in for 362 million and Greenwood was right behind him with a call. The 5d river completed the board and Greenwood’s victory.

The win is the largest of Greenwood’s career and his second cash of at least $1 million. The win adds to Greenwood’s 2015 World Series of Poker bracelet victory and two top-three finishes at the partypoker Carribean Poker Party series.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Sam Greenwood – $1,000,000
  2. Andrey Shatilov – $650,000
  3. Jonas Gjelstad – $450,000
  4. Jiri Horak – $315,850
  5. Felipe Ramos – $220,000
  6. Preben Stokkan – $150,000
  7. Udo Erlei – $100,000
  8. Dan DiZenzo – $70,000