Sam Soverel Wins Poker Masters $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha Title

Sam Soverel added a Poker Masters title to his British Poker Open title on Monday in Las Vegas. (Drew Amato/Poker Central)

There are now seven 2019 Poker Masters events in the books and seven different players have won titles. Sam Soverel became the seventh different player to win a Poker Masters title on Monday when he beat Sean Winter heads-up to win the $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha event.

Soverel is now a realistic contender for the Purple Jacket with just three events remaining on the schedule.

Down to just 16 big blinds, Anthony Zinno raised to 90,000 from the cutoff with AsKdTs7s and Soverel called from the big blind with JdTc7c6h. The 9s8c6s flop gave both players a ten-high straight and Soverel called after Zinno moved all-in for 320,000. The 7d gave Soverel a jack-high straight and left Zinno drawing to a spade for a flush to stay alive. The Qh improved Soverel’s unnecessarily to a queen-high straight and Zinno was eliminated in fifth place.

Soverel raised to 65,000 from the button with QhTc7d6h and Kahle Burns defended his big blind with QcJh4c3d. After the AdTd5c flop, Burns bet 175,000 and Soverel called. The turn was the 4s and Soverel called again after Burns bet his last 40,000. The Ah river gave Soverel top two pair and eliminated Burns in fourth.

Sean Winter then took his turn in widdling down the field. Winter called from the button with Js9c8c7d, Soverel completed from the small blind with Qc6s4c4s before Wolff raised from the big blind to 120,000 with AdQdTh9d. Winter called and Soverel stepped out of the way. The TdTs6h flop gave Wolff trip tens while Winter ended up with a wrap. Wolff bet his last 195,000 and Winter called. The 7s turn gave Winter a straight and when the 2s river failed to give Wolff a full house or better, he was eliminated in second place.

Heads-up play began with Soverel holding 3,605,000 to Soverel’s 1,495,000. It took Soverel nearly two hours to put a bow on his first Poker Masters title and fourth cash of the series. On the final hand, Winter raised to 240,000 with AsKdTc8h and Soverel defended with Js9c6h4c. The flop came Kc6h6s and both players checked. The 2s fell on the turn and Winter bet 260,000. Soverel raised to 1,070,000 and Winter took some time before calling all-in. The 8d river completed the board to eliminate Winter as the runner-up.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Sam Soverel – $340,000
  2. Sean Winter – $221,000
  3. George Wolff – $136,000
  4. Kahle Burns – $85,000
  5. Anthony Zinno – $68,000

Along with the $340,000 score, Soverel also picked up 300 points towards the Purple Jacket and now sits within striking distance of the current leader, Chance Kornuth.

Purple Jacket Standings

  1. Chance Kornuth – 630
  2. Sam Soverel – 570
  3. Kahle Burns – 330
  4. Kristen Bicknell – 300
  5. Isaac Baron – 300
  6. Ryan Laplante – 300
  7. Julien Martini -300
  8. Jared Bleznick – 300
  9. Jonathan Depa – 300
  10. Sean Winter – 270