SCOOP: Adrian Mateos Adds Third Title of 2021, Fifth Overall

Adrian Mateos scored his third SCOOP title of the series on Wednesday. (photo: Poker Central)

The final Thursday of the 2021 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker saw six events come to a conclusion with plenty of notable names finding their way into the winner’s circle. The highlights of the day included a PokerStars ambassador nearly booking his first Spring title, a Swedish crusher reminding people why he’s always in contention to be a top-ranked player, and Adrian Mateos making his case for player of the series.

It’s been quite a series for Adrian ‘Amadi_017’ Mateos who picked up his third SCOOP title of 2021, fifth overall, by taking down Event #84-H ($2,100 NLHE, 6-Max). Early in the series, the high-roller MTT specialist picked up a win in Event 13-M for $146,714.34. He grabbed his second series victory in Event #50-H where he added another $84,110.87 to his SCOOP earnings. On Thursday, he bested the 175-entry field of the 6-Max event for a $69,809.24 payday. All together, Mateos’ heater has been worth a total of just over $300,000 which, unsurprisingly, had made him one of the winningest players of the series thus far.

Former #1-ranked, and partypoker pro, Joao ‘IneedMassari’ Simao found success on rival PokerStars in this one, finishing in second place for $52,768.55. Hungary’s Maszat ‘noirduck’ Marci ended up in third place and added $39,887.64 to his $4.6 million in lifetime online earnings.

Laszlo ‘omaha4rollz’ Bujtas picked up a little extra equity in Event #77-H ($5,200 NLHE, High Roller) by topping the 193-entry field and snapping up some of the $35,000 in overlay paid by PokerStars. Bujtas worked his way through a tough final table and locked up the $201,606 first-place prize and his fourth career SCOOP title. Bujtas busted Uruguay’s Mario ‘MB TRMENDO’ Bonanata in second place, which was good for a healthy $155,222.20 score. ‘DingeBrinker’, who finished as the runner-up in Event #48 for over $121K, wrapped up in third place here, adding another $119,510 to his 2021 SCOOP earnings.

Like many High Rollers in this series, the final table was packed with talent. David ‘dpeters17’ Peters fell in fourth place for $92,014.10 while former #1-ranked Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens finished in fifth for $70,844.30. Additionally, Brazil’s Pedro ‘pvigar’ Garagnani and Simon ‘C Darwin2’ Mattsson also reached the final nine.

The gentle needles that PokerStars ambassador Benjamin ’Spraggy’ Spragg endures from his own sponsor might sting a little more on Friday morning after the Twitch streamer fell just one spot short of capturing his first SCOOP title in Event #79-H ($1,050 NLHE, PKO). Instead of taking the title, it was Russia’s ‘serggorelyi7’ who earned their first SCOOP victory and $33,944.91 plus an additional $36,978.49 in bounties. Although it wasn’t first place, Spragg still thrilled his audience with a runner-up performance which was good for $33,944.54 and an additional $8,351.57 in bounties. Spragg’s countryman Andrew ’stato_1’ Hulme ended up in third place and walked with a total score of $22,543.96, bounties included.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jerry ‘Perrymejsen’ Odeen was a worldwide top-5 ranked player and if he continues to post up results as he did in Event #81-H ($2,100 PLO8, 6-Max), it won’t be long before he makes a return to the elite section of the rankings. The longtime Swedish grinder took down the PLO8 event for $62,426.12 and his second career SCOOP title. He fended off Finland’s ‘XD89lol<3’ who recently captured a 2021 title of his own with a victory in Event #71-H. ‘XD89lol<3’s second-place finish marks his fourth High event podium finish and this time he earned $47,514.57 for his efforts. Brazil’s ‘mario4ndre’ took home the bronze and $36,164.99 for third place.

It took just over 10 hours for Malta’s ‘zizinhooo’ to take down the 323-player field of Event #80-H ($1,050 NLHE) and capture the $60,764 first-place prize. Brazilian ‘HayasiJoao’ wrapped up as the runner-up and booked a $46,025.75 while Rui ‘sousinha23’ Sousa fell in third place which earned him$ 34,861.87. Also of note, Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot from the UK finished in sixth place for $15,149.63 and 2019 PSPC standout Pedro ‘PaDiLhA SP’ Padilha ended up in seventh place for a $11,474.99 score.

Bulgarian grinder ‘gettingpwned’ blasted through the 467-entry field of Event #85-H ($1,050 NLHE, 7-Max, Turbo, PKO). The nightly Turbo took a minute under five hours to complete and in that time ‘gettingpwned’ turned their $1K buy-in into an $84,500.75 score, bounties included. ‘DingeBrinker’, who has been bingeing on top-three finishes as of late, took another runner-up slot and added $52,664.63 to his ever-expanding bankroll. Canada’s ‘mraink’ finished in third place and picked up $22,556.10 plus an additional $9,265.10.

Other winners on Thursday included ‘Dominick_Hoy’ (Event #77-L), ‘adkaf’ (Event #77-M), ‘giwrgosm’ (Event #79-L), ‘KKing James’ (Event #79-M), ‘jppinheiiro’ (Event #80-L), ‘betsoares’ (Event #80-M), ‘drkamikaze1’ (Event #81-L), ‘iamivar’ (Event #81-M), ‘Hog1092’ (Event #84-L), ‘Aziz.Mancha’ (Event #84-M), ‘pete_robo’ (Event #85-L), and ‘DubbCitySauce’ (Event #85-M).

Event #77-H ($5,200 NLHE, High Roller)
Entries: 193
Prize pools: $1,000,000 ($35,000 overlay)

1. omaha4rollz – $201,606
2. MB TREMENDO – $155,222.20
3. DingeBrinker – $119,510

Event #79-H ($1,050 NLHE, PKO)
Entries: 431
Prize pool: $431,000

1. serggorelyi7 – $70,923.40
2. Spraggy – $42,296.11
3. stato_1 – $22,543.96

Event #80-H ($1,050 NLHE)
Entries: 323
Prize pool: $323,000

1. zizinhooo – $60,764
2. HayasiJoao – $46,025.75
3. sousinha23 – $34,861.87

Event #81-H ($2,100 PLO8, 6-Max)
Entries: 154
Prize pool: $308,000

1. Perrymejsen – $62,426.12
2. XD89lol<3 – $47,514.57
3. mario4ndre – $36,164.99

Event #84-H ($2,100 NLHE, 6-Max)
Entries: 175
Prize pool: $350,000

1. Amadi_017 – $69,809.24
2. IneedMassari – $52,768.55
3. noirduck – $39,887.64

Event #85-H ($1,050 NLHE, 7-Max, Turbo, PKO)
Entries: 467
Prize pool: $467,000

1. gettingpwned – $84,500.75
2. DingeBrinker – $52,664.63
3. mraink – $31,821.73