SCOOP: ‘Lena900’ Does It Again, Wins Fifth Career SCOOP Title

Niklas 'Lena900' Astedt earned his fifth career PokerStars SCOOP title on Monday night. (photo coutresy: PokerStars)

The 2021 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is officially a third of the way complete as another six events came to a conclusion on Monday. The highlights of the day included the fast-paced 6+ Hold’em tournament, a pro-heavy high-roller final table, and a title takedown by one of the most accomplished online poker players in history.

It’s been a busy spring for the former #1-ranked Niklas ‘Lena900’ Astedt who can’t seem to stop padding his legendary online poker resume. In addition to the three GGPoker Spring Festival titles he earned last week, on Monday, the superstar Swede bested the 481-entry field of Event #31-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max) to pick up his fifth career SCOOP title.

Astedt earned $85,430.33 for first, pushing him ever-so-close to eclipsing the $22 million mark in recorded online career earnings. Vicent ‘gordon0410’ Bosca fell just one spot short of earning his second SCOOP title, having to settle for second place and the $63,229.42 that went with it.

After finishing as the runner-up himself in Event #22-H, Canada’s Jonah ‘RaiseUpBlind’ Silverstein made it all the way to the end and closed out Event #32-H ($2,100 NLHE, PKO) for $71,043.99 plus an additional $65,609.35 in bounties for a total haul of $136,653.34. Joshua ‘slayerv1fan’ Hoesel added to his $3.5 million in online career earnings with his second-place finish which was good for a total score of $97,067.05, bounties included. Brazil’s Rodrigo ‘seijistar’ Seiji picked up the bronze and collected $45,621.75 plus an additional $28,835.94 in bounties.

The largest score of the day belonged to #27-ranked Tuen ’tinnoemulder’ Mulder who outlasted the tough final table of Event 33-H ($5,200 NLHE, 8-Max, High Roller Club SE) to collect the $247,088.95 first-place prize, the largest score of the series thus far. The stacked final table included Jonathan ‘luckyfish89’ Clark (7th, $48,598.31), former #1 Simon ‘C Darwin2’ Mattsson (6th, $63,727.51), Joni ‘bustoville’ Jouhkimainen (5th, $83,566.50), and Christoph ’26071985’ Vogelsang (4th, $109,581.58). ‘a_new_hope13’ fell in third place, collecting $143,695.38 and Brazilan MTT pro Pablo ‘pabritz’ Brito, current ranked #23 in the world, ended up as the runner-up and added $188,429.05 to his more than $8 million in career earnings.

Event #34-H ($1,050 PLO, 6-Max) saw 222 entries crush the $150K guarantee with a $222,000 prize pool. ‘gangstachl9’ picked up their first-ever SCOOP title and took home the first-place prize of $42,896.64. Right behind them was ‘AngryJuice’ who scored $31,892.12 as the runner-up. Three-time SCOOP champion Tobias ’Senkel92’ Leknes fell in third place, earning $23,710.71.

Croatia’s ‘mandza17’ earned their second career SCOOP title and a healthy six-figure sum with a victory in Event #35-H ($1,050 NLHE, 6-Max) for $131,550.26. ‘thelpoker’ ended up in second place, taking home $92,624.43 while ‘Killer_ooooo’ finished in third place and added $65,217.02 to their bankroll.

The final event to conclude on Monday was Event #40-H ($1,050 6+ Hold’em, 8-Max, PKO), a curious tournament where, with roughly just minutes left in late registration, only 21 players remained in a field from which 11 got paid. The 6+ Hold’em (aka Short Deck) tournament took just five hours to complete and in the end, Japan’s Shota ‘shorta222’ Nakanishi took home their first SCOOP title and total score of $27,720.89. Julian ‘jutrack’ Track finished in second place, earning $12,767.73 and Poland’s ‘tmk999’ rounded out the top three and collected $7,972.49.

Other winners on Monday included ‘Jupitle’ (Event #31-L), ‘Grekzorba’  (Event #31-M), ‘komarcus’ (Event #32-L), ‘Bola_Violin’ (Event #32-M), ‘Mr. Havener’ (Event #33-L), ‘pei_billy’ (Event #34-L), ‘ManOfTheFewWord’ (Event #34-M), ‘jitule53’ (Event #35-L), ‘zerodata’ (Event #35-M), ‘Wang26’ (Event #40-L), and ‘Lovetodo’ (Event #40-M).

Event #31-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max)
Entries: 481
Prize pool: $481,000

1. Lena900 – $85,430.33
2. gordon0410 – $63,229.42
3. anonymous123789 – $46,979.98

Event #32-H ($2,100 NLHE, PKO)
Entries: 455
Prize pool: $910,000

1. RaiseUpBlind – $136,653.34
2. slayerv1fan – $97,067.05
3. seijistar – $48,505.69

Event #33-H ($5,200 NLHE, 8-Max, High Roller Club, SE)
Entries: 232
Prize pool: $1,160,000

1. tinnoemulder – $247,088.95
2. pabritz – $188,429.05
3. a_new_hope12 – $143,695.38

Event #34-H ($1,050 PLO8, 6-Max)
Entries: 222
Prize pool: $222,000

1. gangstachl9 – $42,896.64
2. AngryJuice – $31,892.12
3. Sengel92 – $23,710.71

Event #35-H ($1,050 NLHE, 6-Max)
Entries: 775
Prize pool: $775,000

1. mandza17 – $131,550.26
2. thelpoker – $92,624.43
3. Killer_ooooo – $65,217.02

Event #40-H ($1,050 6+ Hold’em, 8-Max, PKO)
Entries: 99
Prize pool: $99,000

1. shorta222 – $27,720.89
2. jutrack – $12,767.73
3. tmk999 – $7,972.49