SCOOP: Marty Mathis Wins First Career SCOOP Title For $114K

Marty Mathis picked up his first career PokerStars SCOOP title on Monday for $114K. (photo courtest: partypoker LIVE)

The bounty hunters were out in full force during Tuesday’s 2021 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker as four of the five events that played down to a winner were a variety of PKO tournaments. However, the one event that wasn’t a PKO was the largest of the day and featured a pro who knows a thing or two about winning a major event.

Marty ‘TheLipoFund’ Mathis is no stranger to picking up six-figure scores. It just wasnt that long ago that the nomadic poker vet took down the partypoker MILLIONS South America for a $774,500 payday. On Tuesday, he scored big again when he outlasted the 1,497 entry field of Event #68-H ($530 NLHE). Mathis not only added the $114,574.35 first-place prize to his bankroll but he also added his first career SCOOP title to his resume. Just like he did in the MILLIONS when he defeated Bruno ‘brunovolks’ Volkmann for the title, Mathis bested a seasoned Brazilian to claim his SCOOP victory as Brazil’s ‘TheGrinderØ’ grabbed second place which was good for $81,672.22. Mats ‘Matsull’ Ullereng from Norway finished up in third place and added $58,218.82 to his bankroll.

The first of four PKO’s to wrap up on Tuesday had Ukrainian high roller ‘Remi_Lebo_10’ top the 730-entry field of Event #70-H ($530 NLHE, 4-Max, PKO) to win $25,314.75 for first plus an additional $26,059.97 in bounties for a total score of $51,374.72. His final opponent was ‘Psuedo Fruto’ from Brazil who, after taking down Event #60-H for over $41,000, added another $31,356.69 to his 2021 SCOOP earnings. In third place came Hungarian grinder ‘wemax’ who took in a total of $18,438.12, bounties included.

It’s not every day that players are offered a unique online event like a big buy-in 2-7 Single Draw PKO. But Tuesday was one of those days as 70 players (and 56 re-entries) piled into the lobby of Event #71-H ($530 2-7 Single Draw, PKO). Former Sunday Million winner ‘XD89lol<3’ earned $6,181.88 plus another $7,265.60 in bounties for taking it down. Brazil’s Pedro ‘LgwZ’ Grochocki used two bullets to work his way to a second-place finish, which was good for a total score of $8,513.90. And popular former #1-ranked Ari ‘BodogAri’ Engel finished in third place, earning $5,586.10 for his efforts.

The largest of the PKO events to draw to a conclusion on Tuesday was Event #73-H ($2,100 PLO, 6-Max, PKO) in which Sweden’s ‘jedimaster82’ weaved their way through the 198-entry field to capture $34,341.40 for first place plus an additional $48,359.36 in bounties for a total of $82,700.76. In addition to it being one of the largest wins of the day, it was also the first career SCOOP title for ‘jedimaster82’. Fellow Swede ‘anonymstruts’ was forced to settle for second place which brought in $34,341.29 plus $8,421.88 in bounties. A fourth SCOOP title keeps eluding Dario ‘Secret_M0d3’ Sammartino, who nabbed his third High Event podium finish of 2021 with a third-place finish here. Sammartino took home a total of $23,401.65, bounties included.

Also of note, in the Medium tier of Event #73 ($215 PLO, 6-Max, PKO) Benny ‘RunGodlike’ Glaser grabbed his sixth career SCOOP title after topping the 1,085-entry field for a $29,548.78 score.

The UK’s ‘ReWARds84’ won the evening Turbo Event #75-H ($530 NLHE, 6-Max, Turbo, PKO) for which they earned $33,052.87 plus another $32,237.20 in bounties for a total score of $65,290.07. ‘ReVenge011’ ended up as the runner-up and collected a total of $50,039.42, bounties included. Finally, Romania’s ‘alexxt7’ finished in third place and picked up a total score of $27,420.05.

Other winners on Tuesday included ‘BILLYBHOY2K8’ (Event #68-L), ‘gabrielbdo23’ (Event #68-M), ‘stood_duck’ (Event #70-L), ‘enzo dimitri’ (Event #70-M), ‘just.R3m1X’ (Event #71-L), ‘ibotown’ (Event #71-M), ’139726845’ (Event #73-L), ‘challi9’ (Event #75-L), and  ‘iDom1n8’ (Event #75-M).

Event #68-H ($530 NLHE)
Entries: 1,497
Prize pool: $750,000 ($1,500 overlay)

1. TheLipoFund – $114,574.35
2. TheGrinderØ – $81,672.22
3. Matsull – $58,218.82

Event #70-H ($530 NLHE, 4-Max, PKO)
Entries: 730
Prize pool: $365,000

1. Remi_Lebo_10 – $51,374.72
2. Psuedo Fruto – $31,356.69
3. wemax – $18,438.12

Event #71-H ($530 2-7 Single Draw, PKO)
Entries: 126
Prize pool: $63,000

1. XD89lol<3 – $13,447.48
2. LgwZ – $8,513.90
3. BodogAri – $5,586.10

Event #73-H ($2,100 PLO, 6-Max, PKO)
Entries: 198
Prize pool: $396,000

1. jedimaster82 – $82,700.76
2. anonymstruts – $42,763.17
3. Secret_M0d3 – $23,401.65

Event #75-H ($530 NLHE, 6-Max, Turbo, PKO)
Entries: 946
Prize pool: $473,000

1. ReWARds84 – $65,290.07
2. ReVenge011 – $50,039.42
3. alexxt7 – $27,420.05