SCOOP: Montenegro’s ‘dejanic357’ Captures Third Victory of 2021

Thursday's SCOOP 2021 featured the first three-time winner of the series.

It was an eventful Thursday for the 2021 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker as another 24 titles were handed out including two in the same event to the same player, one to a former worldwide #1-ranked crusher, and one to the first player of the series to capture three SCOOP victories.

Winning a single SCOOP title is difficult enough as it is. This is why when Dejan ‘dejanic357’ Kaladurdevic became the first player representing the country of Montenegro to win a SCOOP event on Monday it was more than noteworthy it was history-making. The fact that Kaladurdevic, just two days later, became the first player of the series to capture two titles left some authentically amazed. Now, heads are shaking at the fact that, on Thursday, Kaladurdevic once again was the last player standing in a SCOOP High event and captured his third SCOOP title in four days.

The heater for Kaladurdevic continued in Event 17-H ($1,050 NLHE, Deep Stacks) where he defeated a field of 277 runners to walk away with the $52,742.60 first-place prize. Over the course of his three wins, Kaladurdevic has earned a total of $195,486.11. On Thursday it was ‘BetForNympho’ who was forced to settle for second place behind Kaladurdevic, earning $39,935.89 as the runner-up. Dario ’Secret_M0d3’ Sammartino finished in third place, taking home $30,238.92.

Event 18-H ($5,200 NLHE, 7-Max) was just the second event of the series, and the first NLHE tournament, to offer players an overlay. There were 139 total entrants, generating a prize pool just $55,000 short of the event’s $750,000 guarantee. In the end Elias ‘SinKarma’ Gutierrez was one of the big beneficiaries, earning the title and $174,365 for first place. Renan ‘Internett93o’ Bruschi finished as the runner-up, which was good for $120,000 and Daris ‘DEX888’ Pedes ended up in third place and earned $82.500 for his efforts.

Russia’s ’RedPh0enix’ rose up to take down his second career SCOOP title in the 251-entry field of Event 19-H ($1,050 NLO8, 8-Max, PKO), earnings a combined total of $49,069.37 for first place. Although ’FONBET_RULIT’ ended up as the runner-up, winning $24,452.08, they actually took home roughly $1,000 less than Finland’s third-place finisher ‘kiiski’ who picked up more bounties and took home a total score of $25,458.72,

The PKO tournaments continue to be favorites for SCOOP players as 611 entries piled into the lobby of Event 20-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, PKO) generating a prize pool of $611,000, more than $200K over the posted guarantee. Rinat ‘Zapahzamazki’ Lyapin from Russia took home the gold, and took banked a score of $84,004.67 including bounties. Javier ‘que_te_crio’ Fernandez ended up in second place and added $56,146.93 to his bankroll while ‘alimounda’ collected $37,636.32 for finishing in third.

In Event 21 Finland’s Jussi ‘calvin7v’ Nevanlinna pulled off the rare double-SCOOP, winning two titles on the same day in the same event at different buy-in levels. First, he took down 21-H ($1,050 FLO8, 8-Max) for his sixth career SCOOP title and $23,734.84. He also collected all the chips in 21-L ($11 FLO8, 8-Max), topping the 3,211-entry field for an additional $4,533.98 and a seventh SCOOP victory. Nevanlinna has proven time and time again that he’s an excellent, well-rounded player having won SCOOP events in 8-Game, Stud Hi/Lo, NLHE, Pot Limit Omaha, and, now, Fixed Limit Omaha.

Nevanlinna denied the Netherlands ‘bokkie87’ a third SCOOP title of his own, regulating him to runner-up in the High, which was good for $18,222.72. The UK’s ‘USoGotPwned’ finished up in third place in that event earning $13,990.76 to help him eclipse the $1 million career earnings mark.

In the final event to play to a winner on Thursday, former #1-ranked Sami ‘Lrslzk’ Kelopuro took down his third career SCOOP title in Event 25-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, Turbo) and added $70,557.26 to his more than $16.8 million in career online earnings. Ukraine’s ‘Remi Lebo_10’ picked up $53,696.09 as the runner-up while ‘fkiw’ from Sweden took home the bronze and $40,864.27 for their efforts.

Other winners on Thursday included ‘mate tdd’ (Event 17-L), ‘Cabeca Rush’ (Event 17-M), ‘zeisseli’ (Event 18-L), ‘Rosted’ (Event 18-M), ‘Linker500’ (Event 19-L), ‘MAMbl4’ (Event 19-M), ‘checkraiise’ (Event 20-L), ‘gusmaa’ (Event 20-M), ‘lazutina’ (Event 21-M), ‘MatzeB1995’ (Event 23-L), ‘zagorius’ (Event 23-M), jobrazeau (Event 24-L), ‘BisouPartout’ (Event 24-M), ‘retrytm’ (Event 25-L), ‘Mr.Pedr0’ (Event #25-M)

Event 17-H ($1,050 NLHE, Deep Stacks)
Entries: 277
Prize pool: $277,000

1. dejanic357 – $52,742.60
2. BetForNympho – $39,935.89
3. Secret_M0d3 – $30,238.92

Event 18-H ($5,200 NLHE, 7-Max)
Entries: 139
Prize pool: $750,000 ($55,000 overlay)

1. SinKarma – $174,375
2. Internett93o – $120,000
3. DEX888 – $82,500

Event 19-H ($1,050 NLO8, 8-Max, PKO)
Entries: 251
Prize pool: $251,000

1. RedPh0enix – $49,069.37
2. FONBET_RULIT – $24,452.08
3. kiiski – $25,458.72

Event 20-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, PKO)
Entries: 611
Prize pool: $611,000

1. Zapahzamazki – $84,004.67
2. que_te_crio – $56,146.93
3. alimounda – $37,636.32

Event 21-H ($1,050 FLO8, 8-Max)
Entries: 103
Prize pool: $103,000

1. calvin7v – $23,734.84
2. bokkie87 – $18,222.72
3. USoGotPwned – $13,990.76

Event 23-H ($1,050 Stud Hi Lo)
Entries: 83
Prize pool: $85,000

1. Sexual Drag0n – $23,162.50
2. trollringen – $15,725
3. XD89lol<3 – $11,900

Event #24-H ($530+R NLHE [8-Max, Rebuy])
Entries: 290
Prize pool: $439,855

Anjeyyy – $83,389.27
DeuceofDuc0 – $61,313.89
kreiNt – $45,082.54

Event 25-H ($1,050 NLHE, 8-Max, Turbo)
Entries: 390
Prize pool: $390,000

1. Lrslzk – $70,557.26
2. Remi Lebo_10 – $53,696.09
3. fkiw – $40,864.27