Scott Margereson wins WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown

Scott Margereson defated Faraz Jaka heads up to win his first World Poker Tour title (Joe Giron/WPT photo)

Scott ‘Aggro Santos’ Margereson has two World Championship of Online Poker titles and won the PokerStars Sunday Million in 2015. On Wednesday night he added World Poker Tour champion to his resume.

The final table of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown featured a couple of high profile players, including a former WPT Player of the Year, but Margereson outlasted all of them to win $696,740, including a seat in the upcoming WPT Tournament of Champions.

When the final table began, Jeff Fielder was sitting fourth in chips but over the first 45 hands of play, the two-time WPTDeepStacks champion saw his stack dwindle before a four-way pot ended his night. Faraz Jaka raised to 210,000 from UTG, Scott Margereson called from the cutoff, Fielder called from the button, and Brian Hastings defended the big blind. After Hastings checked the TcTh4s flop, Jaka bet 325,000 and Margereson and Fielder called while Hastings folded. The 7c turn got Jaka to check before Margereson bet 1,350,000. Fielder called and Jaka folded. The 6c got Margereson to move all in and Fielder called. Fielder tabled 5c4c for a rivered flush, but Margereson showed 4d4h for a flopped full house and Fielder was eliminated in sixth.

Three hands later, Matt Stout tangled with Jaka, the Season VIII WPT POY, in what was ultimately his final hand of the tournament. From UTG Stout raised to 225,000 before Jaka raised to 675,000 from the button. Stout came over the top, moving all in for 2,925,000 and Jaka called. Stout showed TcTs but got bad news when Jaka showed QcQs. The Qd6d5s flop was a brutal one for Stout and as the dealer placed the Qh on the turn, Stout was out in fifth place. The meaningless river was the 3h.

Four-handed play last 66 hands before Jaka found himself on the good end of another cooler. Joey Couden raised to 475,000 from UTG and Jaka made it 1,500,000 to go from the big blind. Couden responded by moving all in for 9,600,000 and Jaka called, tabling KdKh in the process. Couden tabled QdQs and then stood to watch the board run out 7s6s4hAh3d to end his tournament with a fourth-place finish.

Brian Hastings started the day with almost 33% of the chips in play but he was unable to turn that into his first WPT title. After 36 hands of three-handed play, Margereson button-raised to 500,000 and Hastings raised to 1,800,000 from the small blind. Jaka folded his big blind and Margereson called. The Jc9s3c flop saw Hastings check-raise Margereson’s 1,200,000 bet to 3,800,000. Margereson clicked back, moving all in and Hastings called all in for 9,825,000. Margereson showed Kc8c for a flush draw and an overcard to Hastings’ AhJd. The 3d turn changed nothing but the 7c river filled Margereson’s flush and ended Hastings’ run in third place.

Heads-up play began with Margereson holding a nearly 3-1 chip lead. Jaka eventually evened out the stacks, but after 2.5 hours and 81 hands, Margereson was too much for Jaka to overcome. On the final hand of the night Margereson open-shoved and Jaka called all in for 12,375,000, tabling Ac8c. Margereson showed QhJs and then watched the dealer fan out the QdJh9c flop to give him two pair. Neither the 7h turn or Ah river were enough to save Jaka, giving Margereson his first major title and almost $700,000.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Scott Margereson – $696,740 (incl. $15,000 WPT TOC entry)
  2. Faraz Jaka – $454,496
  3. Brian Hastings – $336,466
  4. Joey Couden – $251,523
  5. Matt Stout – $189,880
  6. Jeff Fielder – $144,775