Sean Yu Wins WSOP Global Casino Championship, $296,941


Sean Yu closed out the WSOP Global Casino Championship in dominating fashion and beat a field of 124 to win the 6,941 first place prize. (WSOP photo)

Sean Yu started his journey to the World Series of Poker Global Casino Championship last September by winning the WSOP Circuit Main Event at Planet Hollywood along with $170,000. The ring Yu won was his second and Thursday, he took down his first career WSOP bracelet along with $296,941 for winning the $1,000,000 guaranteed GCC in Cherokee, North Carolina.

The most-accomplished players at the official six-handed final table for Yu to duel with were Dylan Linde and Jason Mercier, who found themselves eliminated within 10 hands of each other.

Linde came into the final table as the short stack and on Hand 28, was busted out by Alexander Lakhov. Lakhov opened the button and Linde shoved for 186,000. Josh Reichard moved all-in from the big blind, and Lakhov got out of the way. Linde’s AhQh trailed the AdKh of Reichard and the AsKd2d2h5h board confirmed Linde’s exit.

Mercier got in his last 325,000 in against Yu and was on the rail shortly after. Yu raised in the cutoff to 27,000 with KcKd and was ahead of Mercier’s button shove AsQd. A queen flopped but Mercier did not improve further and was out in fifth.

With the blinds up to 8,000/16,000, Reichard felted his second opponent in Jesse Cohen. Cohen moved all in on the button for 312,000 with 7c7d and Reichard called from the small blind with TdTs. Reichard had a straight by the turn and Cohen was eliminated in fourth place.

Despite picking up that pot, Reichard did not last much longer and had to settle for the bronze medal on Hand 54.

Yu opened on the button to 35,000 and Lakhov called from the small blind. Reichard three-bet to 110,000 in the big blind and both of his opponents called. Lakhov checked the 8c6s3h flop and Reichard bet 180,000. Yu was the only caller and the 3d came on the turn. Reichard bet 245,000 more and Yu stuck with him to the 4c river.

Reichard jammed for 391,000 and Yu called with Ah6h to pick off Reichard’s Kh9d, sending him to the rail.

Yu started heads up play with a sizable chip lead over Lakhov and wrapped up the tournament on the 61st hand of play.

Lakhov raised to 35,000 on the button and Yu defended his big blind to see a Jd4c3s flop. Yu check-called for 35,000 and the 9c turned. Yu checked again and Lakhov bet 90,000. Yu called and the 5c hit the river. Yu checked with Lakhov betting 160,000. Yu put Lakhov all in and Lakhov called with AhJc. His top pair was no good against the flush of Yu Tc3c and Yu officially claimed the GCC title along with the bracelet.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Sean Yu – $296,941
  2. Alexander Lakhov – $183,527
  3. Josh Reichard – $130,498
  4. Jesse Cohen – $94,459
  5. Jason Mercier – $69,624
  6. Dylan Linde – $52,724