Sergio Aido Wins PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo €100K SHR for €1.58M

Sergio Aido secured a career-high cash after winning the PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo €100K Super High Roller for €1,589,190.

At the start of the final table, it didn’t look like he had a shot but Sergio ‘zcedrick’ Aido battled back from the short stack to take home the 2019 PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller title and its €1,589,190 first-place prize.

At the start of the day, only nine of the 52 entries remained and Aido sat at the bottom of the chip counts. That wasn’t his only problem, he was also facing some of the best high-stakes tournament players in the world including Mikita Badziakouski, Charlie Carrel and Sam Greenwood.

After the elimination quick elimination of Luc Greenwood, Germany’s Koray Aldemir saw his pocket nines fall to Daniel DvoressAhKd making him the official bubble boy and guaranteeing the final seven players a minimum payday of €264,860.

Wiktor Malinowski collected that very amount when he fell in seventh place. Aido, who had been steadily making a come back after a number of doubles, raised on the button with AsKh. Malinowski then shipped his short stack holding Ah8s which was called by Aido. The flop fell JdTd3c keeping Aido in the lead. The turn was the 6s and the river the 7d. Malinowski, who had a total of just over $9,000 on his Hendon Mob page prior to this tournament, picked up his largest recorded score to date.

As Aido continued to climb the chip counts, he also continued to rack up eliminations. Folded to the small blind, Charlie Carrel shipped his 10 big blind stack with 9c5c into Aido’s big bling. Aido made the call holding As2c. The Js8h7c gave Carrel some additional outs, but the board bricked out for Carrel. The 2h came on the turn and the 8s fell on the river and Carrel exited in sixth place, taking home €327,930.

After losing a pivotal hand to Jesus Cortes, Belarus’ Mikita Badziakouski was all but out the door. He was holding on to less than one big blind due to his KhQs running into Cortes’ AhQh. He stuck those remaining chips in the middle with the 6c3c and Cortes raised, once again holding AhQh. Aido came along and the three saw the flop of Kh8c5h. Cortes bet, Aido folded and the board ran out 5d on the turn and the Th on the river, bringing Cortes the nut flush and bringing Badziakouski’s tournament to an end in fifth place for €428.830.

Canadian Daniel Dvoress started the day as the chip leader, but with four player left, he found himself sitting on the short stack. From the cutoff, he moved his remaining 15 big blinds in holding the Ad9h and Aido made the call with KsKh. Aido scored the third elimination of the final table when he spiked quads with the KcKd7d flop. The irrelvalent turn and river were dealt as Dvoress said his goodbyes and made his way to the cage to pick up €554,950 for fourth place.

Defending EPT Monte Carlo €100K champion Sam Greenwood was making gains when he, too, fell victim to Aido. Greenwood raised his AhTs on the three-handed button. Aido put in a three-bet holding, yet again, KhKd. Cortes folded and Greenwood four-bet shoved only to be snap-called by Aido. The board ran clean for pocket kings coming 9c6s2s4d8s and Greenwood, who is used to going deep in the nosebleed tournaments, picked up another huge score of €731,530 for third place.

Aldo held a commanding lead over fellow Spaniard Cortes when heads-up action began and it didn’t take long for him to put a stamp on his epic comeback.

On the final hand, Aido limped the button with KcQh and Cortes shipped his remaining chips in with 9s2d. Aido made the call and the pair saw a flop of AsJc8d. The turn was the Jh leaving Cortes with six outs. The 5s river was not one of them and Cortes wrapped up as the runner-up, banking €1,147,750 for the largest recorded cash of his career.

It also marks the largest career cash for Aido. He took out five of his final six opponents en route to winning the PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller trophy and for €1,589,190 for first. The score pushes him to over $10M in lifetime recorded scores.

PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo €100,000 Super High Roller Final Table Results

  1. Sergio Aido – €1,589,190
  2. Jesus Cortes – €1,147,750
  3. Sam Greenwood – €731,530
  4. Daniel Dvoress – €554,950
  5. Mikita Badziakouski – €428.830
  6. Charlie Carrel – €327,930
  7. Wiktor Malinowski – €264,860