The Sickest Day Ever?

Published on May 1st, 2012

Sunday might go down as one of the sickest days in the history of online poker. We're not exaggerating, either. Scott stpauli111 Hall (pictured) took down four tournaments on PokerStars in a single day, and these weren't small potatoes either. He trumped the fields of the Sunday Supersonic and Bigger $162 for $42,000 apiece. Hall also took down the $50 Rebuy and $200 Rebuy on PokerStars for $24,000 each... all on the same day.

$130,000 in winnings later, his evening was over, prompting a congratulatory thread on PocketFives and a feature article.

PocketFives: We've had quite a few people say your Sunday was the sickest day ever in online poker. Is that a fair assessment?

Scott Hall: The fact that I won each of them makes it pretty remarkable, but there have definitely been people who have won more money or made two final tables of larger field tournaments on the same day.

PocketFives: Talk about the $50 Rebuy and $200 Rebuy. Do those play fundamentally differently?

Scott Hall: They play deeper, which is good. They are actually very different from each other though. The $55 Rebuy is a tournament that takes a bit longer because it has a bigger field and more rebuys, so you have to coast in it sometimes. The $200 Rebuy is also deep, but it has lots of players who make lots of moves at every stage of the tournament, so you have to be more willing to mix it up at all stages.

PocketFives: The two rebuys play deeper, whereas the Supersonic plays like a Turbo. Talk about that tournament.

Scott Hall: Yeah, the Supersonic is basically just a Turbo, so that's always fun. You have to run well to get a stack going.

PocketFives: Has the shock of winning four major tournaments in one day set in yet?

Scott Hall: I'm in Spain, so by the time I was done, it was like 6 or 7 in the morning and I couldn't go to sleep, so I just stayed awake for awhile. It was definitely an adrenaline overload having four final tables in such a short time span and I haven't really thought about the money yet. I know I'm in contention for the Monthly PLB and I would like to win that if I could. Plus, I have a hot streak going, so I am just trying to play as much as I can and worry about the money later.

PocketFives: The last time we talked to you was in early 2010. Tell us about your life since.

Scott Hall: I took a lot of time off from poker after the 2010 WSOP. I had been having a really bad year and couldn't turn the corner in any big tournaments. I totally blanked the WSOP and hated poker at the time, so I enrolled in school back at the University of Arkansas. I had a bunch of friends there, moved into a house with them, had a great time, and did really well in school. I played a little bit here and there, but my primary focus was school.

After Black Friday, I decided I would study abroad in Spain for the 2012 Spring Semester. It made a lot of sense because I am an International Finance major with a minor in Spanish. Plus, I could try to get some footing online. Lately, I started feeling really motivated and have been working on my game really hard and playing a ton. I don't plan on looking back any time soon. I only have to take a few finals and it's over.

PocketFives: Are you headed to the 2012 WSOP after the Spring Semester is over?

Scott Hall: My plan actually is to stay in Spain and grind online for the month of June. I'm already here, I love it here, and it will be a good opportunity to make some money online while a lot of really good players are unable to play. I do plan to fly out to the WSOP in time for a couple of events and the Main Event. I'll just wait and see how everything goes.

PocketFives: We appreciate your time. Last question: Is this day repeatable by you or anyone else?

Scott Hall: I have definitely learned never to say never in this game. So, yeah sure, anything is possible.

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  1. Nice! One of the sickest brags ever to. "I had been having a really bad year and couldn't turn the corner....." 4 corners to be exact

  2. Ridiculous day. I will say it for you. It wont be repeated. Congrats and welcome back to poker!

  3. First Arkansas produces Sam Walton, then Bill Clinton, now Scott Hall, what a state!

  4. and now he ships the $320 6max, awesome job

  5. wow! what a day!

    Good luck at the WSOP ME!

  6. Impressive, way to "turn the corner"

  7. Extra sick he did it in Spain. Spain is on Tilt with 25% unemployment on the verge of taking down the entire Euro Zone. Keep the heater up you can buy the entire country by years end

  8. real sick..congrats

  9. i take my hat off to you sir, a trully remarkable feat.

  10. unreal, congratz

  11. Run Better

  12. Won the Stars $100 rb the day before & the Stars 6 Max $320 the day after for almost another 24k combined. Sick heater!! Well Played!

  13. Who knew Razor Ramone was that good at poker?

  14. yo...chico...

  15. warm tingling feelings followed by severe, mad envy :P great job bro. welcome back to the scene.

    Edited By: plo ufo May 1st, 2012 at 06:02 AM
  16. I say U make a special grand slam badge for him !!!

    Yeah I know great idea!!

  17. is this real life ? wow.

  18. nice, congrats dude!

  19. what a legend!

  20. R-i-g-g-e-d! grats

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