Sit-n-Go 2.0 Returns to the Punta Cana Poker Classic


Poker is always being innovated further and Sit & Go 2.0 is the latest in that creative development. Sit & Go 2.0 debuted at the Punta Cana Poker Classiclast October and will return when the series kicks off on October 24.

The gameplay is designed to combine poker with the chance element of table games but still provides a skill factor on all sides.

Similar to other lottery-style sit-n-gos, the prize pool is determined before the game takes place but unlike the more common format, Sit & Go 2.0 allows for full ring action and opportunity for the prize pool to change.

How To Play

The rules of Sit & Go 2.0 are the same as a standard nine-handed No Limit Hold‘em sit-n-go. The difference comes prior to hands being dealt, The changes affect the total prize pool and number of places paid.

The rules are same for Sit & Go 2.0 as they are for a regular sit-n-go with a few exceptions. Prior to play starting, all players are dealt one card face down. The player to the left of the button reveals their card to the table, showing it to be either red or black. Should the card be red, the action is completed and the prize pool is the same as it were when play started. If that is to happen, the prize pool is identical to the 7x buy in and only the top two players make the money. When the red card is turned over, play resumes as a standard sit-n-go would.

If a black card is turned over by the first player, the prize pool is increased to nine times the buy in and the top three players will be guaranteed payment. The process of turning over cards continues until a red card is shown. Every time a black card is shown, the prize pool grows. The largest possible prize pool is 51.3x the buy with six places paid.

It is obviously highly unlikely for all nine players to receive black cards and takes over 1,100 simulations to happen. Approximately three-quarters of the time, the pre-action portion will end right away with a red card or only one player having a black card.

The table below shows the payout structures and probabilities for a Sit-n-Go 2.0 game with $10 buy-in.

# Black Card Probability # out of 1,180 Multiplier Prizepool
9 Black Cards 0.08492759% 1.00 51.3 $510.00
8 Black Cards 0.12267318% 1.45 40 $400.00
7 Black Cards 0.28408527% 3.35 30 $300.00
6 Black Cards 0.63919185% 7.54 20 $200.00
5 Black Cards 1.40013452% 16.52 17 $170.00
4 Black Cards 2.99119648% 35.30 15 $150.00
3 Black Cards 6.24249700% 73.66 13 $130.00
2 Black Cards 12.74509804% 150.39 11 $110.00
1 Black Card 25.49019608% 300.78 9 $90.00
No Black Cards 50.00000000% 590.00 7 $70.00

The Punta Cana Poker Classic is teaming up with the husband and wife combo of Collin Moshman and Katie Dozier. The pair are promoting the game with Moshman’s e-book already released and Dozier planning to play the game live on Twitch.

Players from all poker backgrounds have shown they are open to trying out “lottery” forms of gaming on poker sites and Sit-n-Go 2.0 fits that model.

“The creation of jackpots created an opportunity,” Moshman said in his book. “Good poker players have a lot of strengths, but change is not one of them. Instead, they stick with their current format until they have no choice but to follow the recreational money.”

The Punta Cana Poker Classic is only a few weeks away and once it gets started, there will be plenty of chances for players onsite to learn more about this new model of poker.