Taylor Black Wins partypoker MILLIONS North America Main Event

Taylor Black won the partypoker MILLIONS North America Main Event Wednesday night in Montreal.

The partypoker MILLIONS keeps making promises that their live tour is going to raise the bar for live poker events around the world. They proved it this week in Montreal with the partypoker MILLIONS North America event paying out three seven-figure scores in the Main Event alone and at the end of it all Taylor Black was standing tall with a career-best score and his first major title.

Tommy Nguyen raised to 12,000,000 from UTG+1 before Black raised to 35,000,000 from the hijack. The flop came 8h5d3c and both players checked. After the 8c turn, Nguyen bet 27,000,000 and Black called. The river was the 6s, Nguyen checked, Black moved all in and Nguyen called all in. Black showed Jd8s for trip eights while Nguyen turned over 9d6c for a rivered two pair and was eliminated in eighth place.

Black only had a supporting role in the next elimination just 38 minutes later. Black raised to 15,000,000 from UTG, Anthony Ruberto called from UTG+1 before George Lagos moved all in for 85,000,000 from the small blind. Black tossed his cards into the muck, but Ruberto called and showed 9d9s which put him ahead of Lagos’ 7d6d. The AdJd5s flop gave Lagos a flush draw which the 8d turn completed. The river was the 3d though, giving Ruberto a better flush and sending Lagos home in seventh.

Just 40 minutes later, Black went back to work in sending players home. Demosthenes Kiriopoulos moved all in for 59,000,000 from UTG and Black called from the cutoff. Kiriopoulos showed Ah2s while Black was ahead with 5d5s. The 6c4s3c flop produced no relief for Kiriopoulos. Neither did the 8c turn or 9d river and he was eliminated in sixth place.

Nearly two hours passed before another player was sent packing. Markus Prinz limped from UTG for 10,000,000, Charles La Boissonniere moved all in from the cutoff for 147,000,000 and Ruberto moved all in over the top of everybody for 555,000,000 and Prinz folded. The board ran out 9s7h5d9c3d to end La Boissonniere’s run in fifth.

Prinz’s tournament ended just a few minutes later in a blind vs. battle scenario. Action folded to Prinz in the small blind and he moved all in for 158,000,000 and Darryll Fish called from the big blind. Prinz showed Ac5c but got bad news when Fish happily showed JcJd and then could only watch helplessly as the 9c8s3d8d2d runout did nothing to save him.

The final three players were all guaranteed at least $1 million CAD and it took just over an hour to go from three to two remaining players. Ruberto raised to 25,000,000 from the button, Fish folded the small blind, but Black made it 85,000,000 to go and Ruberto called. Black then checked after the Jh5c4d flop, allowing Ruberto to bet 25,000,000. Black re-raised to 135,000,000 and Ruberto called. The turn was the 8c and Black check-called after Ruberto moved all in for 439,000,000. Black showed JdJs for top set while Ruberto had just ace-high with Ac7h.

Black started heads-up play with a nearly 4-1 lead over Fish but that didn’t stop the former WPT champion from attempting to mount a comeback. Over the three hours and 20 minutes of one-on-one play, Fish did briefly take the lead but Black erased that deficit quickly and eventually eliminated Fish. On the final hand of the night, Fish made it 45,000,000 from the button and Black re-raised to 140,000,000 and Fish called. After the 9d6h4h flop, Black fired out a bet of 130,000,000 and Fish moved all in for 354,000,000. Black called and quickly turned over AdAs while Fish showed Qs9s for top pair. The 6s turn took away Fish’s draw to two pair. The Qh river cruelly gave Fish two pair but eliminated him in second place giving Black the first major win of his poker career.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Taylor Black – $1,400,000 CAD
  2. Darryll Fish – $1,200,000 CAD
  3. Anthony Ruberto – $1,000,000 CAD
  4. Markus Prinz – $800,000 CAD
  5. Charles La Boissonniere – $600,000 CAD
  6. Demosthenes Kiriopoulos – $400,000 CAD
  7. George Lagos – $302,500 CAD
  8. Tommy Nguyen – $215,000 CAD