TCOOP: Marcella ‘MenininhaMah’ Camargo Wins Another Title for Brazil


[CAPTION=98%]Marcella ‘MenininhaMah’ Camargo added a PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker title to her growing collections of victories on Monday.[/CAPTION]

The Brazilians claimed another title on Day 6 of play at the PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker, while players from the Netherlands, UK, Canada and Bulgaria celebrated victories of their own.

With an advertised guarantee of just $25,000, expectations were muted for the $82 buy-in, Pot Limit Five card Omaha Six Max event. But with 544 players making 387 re-entries, the prize pool swelled to nearly triple that amount. Netherlands’ ‘bokkie87’, who took third in a TCOOP PLO event in 2014, navigated the field expertly and found himself heads-up with Germany’s ‘hmduisburg’ for the title. After agreeing to a deal which set aside $1,396 extra for the winner, bokkie87 dispatched his opponent, pocketing $11,396 and becoming the first TCOOP champ of the day.

Whoever decided on the format of Event #29 was seemingly trying to create one of the most chaotic tournament experiences possible. The $82 No Limit Hold‘em event was played as a three-handed Turbo, Zoom, Progressive KO – a unique twist on your average tournament. Throughout it all, UK’s ‘smurf0’ was able to keep his cool and rode a small final table starting stack to victory after beating out Vietnam’s ‘nana9192’ heads-up. For his efforts, smurf0 took home over $18,000 in prizes and bounties, while his opponent walked away with nearly $14,000.

Three players at the final table of the $82 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Eight Max event were gunning for the second COOP victory of their poker careers, but it was Canada’s ‘The Cooker’ who would eventually achieve the feat. According to the heads-up deal struck between the Canadian and his Ukrainian final opponent, ‘Exzik’, The Cooker walked away with a $9,759 score. Russia was strongly represented at the final table as well, taking the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth place spots.

Event #31, a $215 No Limit Hold‘em tournament, cranked up the already feverish pace of gameplay even higher, with a blazing Hyper Turbo, Six Max format. Brazil came close to securing another TCOOP title, but came up short after its two players, ‘Caz_Carneiro’ and ‘leo_nuts_dno’, were defeated in second and fifth places respectively. Bulgaria’s ‘AstraLito’ outlasted his 1,608 competitors to claim victory, walking away with $35,053 of the $329,254 total prize pool.

The Brazilians were back on top in the final event of the day, the $27 No Limit Hold‘em Win the Button, Progressive KO. At the final table was Romanian pro Luciana ‘luckyno75’ Manolea, who battled her way into the third place slot, and her compatriot, ‘p.A.v magic’, who took second. When all was said and done, Brazilian Marcella ‘MenininhaMah’ Camargo came out on top, winning the title and over $13,000 in prizes in bounties.

Event #28 – $82 Six Max Pot Limit Five card Omaha
Entries: 931

  1. bokkie87 $11,396.00*
  2. hmduisburg $7,543.67*
  3. x3rces $4,893.99
  4. shrekpoker91
  5. Alexander ‘utvekklo2’ Ceder $2,091.35
  6. Sergettt $1,367.13

*Denotes a two-way deal

Event #29 – $82 Three Max No Limit Hold’em (Progressive KO 50%)
Entries: 2,839

  1. smurf0 $14,118.62* + $4,132.31 in bounties
  2. nana9192 $10,799.24* + $3,143.26 in bounties
  3. Markku ‘markovitsus‘ Koplimaa $5,265.44 + $818.48 in bounties

* denotes a two-way deal

Event #30 – $82 Eight Max Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Entries: 845

  1. The Cooker $9,759.76*
  2. Exzik $8,620.53*
  3. skilly $5,609.04
  4. krakura $4,070.48
  5. Creatiff111 $2,953.94
  6. all191291in $2,143.67
  7. ftgiants $1,555.66
  8. verbena777 $1,128.94

*Denotes a two-way deal

Event #31 – $215 No Limit Hold‘em (Six Max, Hyper Turbo, Ten Stack)
Entries: 1,608

  1. AstraLito $35,053.36*
  2. Caz_Carneiro $24,372.81*
  3. 7HE__D__ASH $24,512.86*
  4. slaman1337 $19,530.68*
  5. leo_nuts_dno $16,956.89*
  6. wyte123 $12,660.47*

* Denotes a six-way deal

Event #32 – $27 No Limit Hold‘em (Win the Button, Bubble Rush, Progressive KO 75%)
Entries: 8,675

  1. MenininhaMah $7,478.00 + $5,607.92
  2. p.A.v magic $5,171.66 + $2,582.77
  3. Luciana ‘luckyno75’ Manolea $3,579.20 + $2,755.60
  4. skjul1 $2,477.09 + $1,084.01
  5. Slava1961 $1,714.34 + $299.40
  6. MrPingo $1,186.46 + $720.54
  7. Wall131TCI-I $821.13 + $1,335.28
  8. Hossa205 $568.29 + $1,471.22
  9. timmy.KS $393.30 + $119.61