The $100K Bathroom Prop Ends Early: Alati, Young Agree on $62K Buyout

The $100,000 bathroom prop bet between Rory Young (left) and Rich Alati (right) is over.

The prop bet that has been the talk of the poker world for the past three weeks has come to an early conclusion according to Rory Young. The $100,000 bathroom prop bet between Rory Young and Rich Alati ended late Monday night with Alati taking home five figures.

Just 20 days into what was supposed to be a 30-day long bet, Alati and Young agreed to an early buyout that paid Alati $62,400. Young initiated negotiations with Alati during one of the scheduled meal deliveries. Young also agreed to pay Alati’s expenses.

Just over a week into the bet, Young confirmed on Twitter that he had hedged his initial $100,000 wager and stood to lose just $85,000.

This puts Young’sactual loss at roughly $42,000.

The original terms of the bet called for Alati to spend 30 days in a bathroom with no light and no interaction with the outside world. While some of the initial reaction from the poker community was focused on concern for Alati’s health, experts indicated this week that there was little danger to his eyesight or mental health.

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