THE FIVES POKER PODCAST: The “Boycott”, USPO Storylines, WSOP Structures

This Week on The Fives: The USPO,, the PokerStars boycott, the sliding Sunday Million and WSOP structures.

Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker.

This week on The Fives Poker Podcast, Lance and Donnie discuss whether or not the PokerStars “boycott” was a success or failure and what steps the players should take next if they really want to get the attention of PokerStars management. They also look again at the shrinking Sunday Million field and whether or not the buy-in should be moved back to $215.

Other topics include the busy week that was on Twitch Poker with Kevin Martin, Matthew Staples, and Bill Perkins all finding themselves in the news. Lastly, the pair discuss the 2019 WSOP structures and how there actually is far more play this year than in years past.

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  1. After bailing out ft p stars has a dominant market share and they’re taking advantage of it. That s why there are competition commissions and market regulations against companies dominating markets because they use that power to the detriment of the consumer. That’s how they’re able to get away with reducing rewards, increasing the rake and respond to customers if and when it suits them not the customer and keep increasing their profit. These token gestures of individual tournaments and 3 day boycotts by a handful of top players are inconsequential. What will actually make them take notice is if there is a coordinated boycott across the board. Set up a week long boycott inviting as many players as possib!e through every forum out there,give it a name and encourage those who agree to participate to tell stars they are part of it and why. They are only going to stop abusing their market power to.further line their pockets if there is a successful coordinated effort to hit them in the only place they care about getting hit, in the pocket.

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