“The More You Play, the More Chances You Get”


The title of this article is a pretty apt quote from United Kingdom poker player Toby 810ofclubsLewis (pictured), who took down a $2,100 No Limit Hold’em Re-Entry tournament during the most recent Full Tilt Online Poker Series and banked $253,000. The field had 599 entries and Lewis chopped heads-up with fellow PocketFives member snake8484.

“It’s pretty cool,” Lewis told PocketFives in an exclusive interview. “It’s a good result. I just play everything these days. The more you play, the more chances you get. All of the good regs were playing in this tournament, but there were bad plays made. There were plenty of people going all-in with bad hands. There are still plenty of punters in these.”

As we said, a heads-up chop was negotiated that saw Lewis take home over a quarter of a million dollars and snake8484 bank $223,000 for first and second, respectively. Why would Lewis, who has over $3.2 million in tracked online MTT cashes, facilitate a chop? He told us, “My internet was pretty bad. We’re on holiday in the moment at a villa in Croatia. I wanted to lock up a bit more money because the internet was disconcerting constantly. snake8484 didn’t want to chop to start with. Then, he clicked the button to chop. It was a $110,000 difference between first and second place. I don’t play heads-up for $110,000 very often.”

Several A-list players are joining Lewis in Croatia, including J.P. MavFishKelly and Matt pez102 Perrins (pictured). “We are all friends and came on holiday to Croatia to chill out after the World Series of Poker,” Lewis relayed. “We thought we’d spend a few weeks here.”

Perrins won his second gold bracelet at this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas and had a rowdy cheering section during the final table. “He has had a lot of success everywhere,” Lewis explained. “I think he thinks he’s better live than online, but he’s good at both. He won a 2-7 bracelet and that’s a game he has never played before. He has a bit of a knack for it. I think he uses that to his advantage and makes good reads. He is pretty aggressive as well.”

Lewis has been solid live too. He won nearly $600,000 by taking down the European Poker Tour’s Vilamoura Main Eventin August 2010. He finished fifth in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final High Roller tournament earlier this year for $304,000 and, three months prior, landed in sixth place in the World Poker Tour’s L.A. Poker Classic for $193,000.

The Monte Carlo Grand Final High Roller had a buy-in of €25,000. “I’ve played a few of those,” Lewis gleaned. “That was probably my fourth or fifth €25K or higher. I haven’t had much success until that one. I had like 90,000 from a starting stack of 50,000 on the first day, so not great progress. I had a really good second day and just ran it up. I knocked out Faraz The-Toilet Jaka (pictured) in a big pot and never really looked back. It’s a lot easier when you have chips.”

Lewis joined PocketFives four years ago and was turned onto poker after catching the WPT on television. Then, like many other PocketFivers, his friends started spreading sit and gos. When he was old enough, he hit up his local brick-and-mortar casino.

“My mom wasn’t very happy, but my dad supported me,” Lewis said of his parents’ reaction to his poker antics. “My mom has come around with a little bit of success. When I first got my name in a local paper, she appreciated that.” You can find him on PokerStars under his well-known 810ofclubs screen name and on Full Tilt as sexystuff1989. He was ranked as high as #2 on PocketFives in 2011.

We had to close out our interview by asking about his Croatian adventures. When we caught up with Lewis, he was on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea just to the east of Italy. He told us, “Being poker players, we had to be more adventurous on what locations we wanted to go to.” A little travel planning SNAFU was all it took to end up in Croatia, but he said he loves every minute of it.

Congrats to all PocketFivers who cashed during FTOPS.

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