The Online Cash King


Throughout these past few weeks, the Podcast has rapidly become a major event in many poker players’ Thursday morning/afternoon/evening. As exposure increases, the P5’s Administration and I find ourselves in the pleasant situation of sifting through e-mails & call-ins and being able to hand-select those we believe provide a true representation of the online poker community’s curiosity and concerns. We’re proud to announce that we received a record amount of feedback for this week’s special guest, Taylor Caby (Green Plastic).

For those of you who were visiting another planet over the last two years, Taylor has made more than a name for himself by dominating the highest stakes of poker available on the net… the $50/$100 No-Limit Holdem ($10,000 buy-in) Cash games on Some of his Heads-Up confrontations with high-stakes rounder Prahlad Friedman (Mahatma/Spirit Rock) have sparked an abundance of threads in just about every online poker forum as hundreds of players scramble to the rail to watch the sometimes nightly showdowns from their virtual ringside seats.

So how does one of the top online cash game players in the world carry himself when doing an interview for an online poker show? I’ll be honest, though I’ve had quite a few conversations with some of the world’s best and most famous poker players lately, I had little experience talking to someone who has amassed such a large amount of money in such a short time by playing online poker. But until you’ve actually talked with Taylor one-on-one for 30 minutes and heard some of the honest, humble, and well-thought advice that he’s willing to pass on to any interested poker player, it’s impossible to get a true feel for how high Taylor’s potential really is.

When it comes to top-notch poker players, you can expect two categories: those who will talk about poker and those who won’t. You see, many wrinkles & subtleties in poker take even the most-dedicated players years to recognize, contemplate, analyze, understand, and ultimately embrace. And there are more than a handful who (understandably) are not forthcoming when it comes to enlightening the rest of us who may be several rungs down on the ability ladder.

While listeners to this week’s Podcast (to be released on Thursday, April 20th) might not hear any Earth-shattering revelations about the secrets of destroying opponents in high-stakes cash games, they will hear insights from a player whose thoughts may very well be the link to achieving a higher level of tolerance and awareness for any aspiring poker player. If you’re looking to improve your game, and you prefer to hear strategy-based conversation from a guy who’s “been there, done that”, then this Podcast is for you! And if this week’s show leaves you hungering for more knowledge, Taylor’s Poker Instruction website, has helped over a thousand players take that all-important next step in their games. Feature Articles from the Staff may be found at the following link: Content Manager and Co-owner Adam Small also has an interview article with Taylor from September 2005 that can be accessed here:

We look forward to our growing commitment to the online poker industry and to the players who together contribute to its success.

David Huber