The Rise of Jennicide


Jennifer ‘Jennicide’ Leigh is hands-down one of the hottest names in online poker nowadays. A gorgeous 22-year-old professional poker player from Delaware, Jennifer has turned heads not only because of her looks, but also because of her domination at the $100/$200 Limit Hold ’em cash game tables on Poker Stars… not bad considering she started out playing $5 Sit & Go tournaments! A respected poker-strategy writer with several big cashes in Multi-Table-Tournaments, it’s no wonder why many personalities who are “in-the-know” expect this young talent to receive even more exposure in the near future in the form of a huge tournament win.

But it wasn't always easy for Jennifer while she was growing up. She had to constantly battle with her own demons throughout her adolescence. An extremely compulsive person, Jen has had to overcome a run-in with the law and several other obstacles in order to become the much-feared Online Poker player she is today. Our interview with Jennicide will cover everything from Limit Hold ’em strategy to matchmaking (yes, she’s single and open-minded!) If you’re one of those guys who would like a better idea about who Jennicide “the person” is, then this Podcast is for you!

Our second guest on the show is the highly ranked Online MTT player, Allen Carter (Aawwnutz). When he’s not streaking around his high-class neighborhood in his underwear (, Allen can be found dominating the major weekend tournaments across the major poker sites. Top players tend to be very opinionated when it comes to their colleagues’ talent (or lack of it), and Allen is no different. In our interview, he had some very interesting things to say about top-rated tournament players PokerH0, Ari, Gank, SamENole, and Muchaka (just to name a few) as we asked him whether he would back these players (in a hypothetical scenario).

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