The Second Largest Triple Crown of 2014


On June 22, Scotland’s Robbie AdrenyBull (pictured) earned the largest PocketFives Triple Crownin five months at 852 PLB Points. It was the largest Triple Crown points-wise since gifuhorna bagged one worth 888 points in January and, accordingly, the second largest of 2014.

On June 16, Bull won the Monday Night on Stars for $12,000 in cash and 236 PLB Points. Four days later, he took down the 888 Poker Tornado, which had a prize pool of $11,000, for $2,600 and another 107 PLB Points. On the 22nd of June, his quest was complete with a bang after taking down the PokerStars Bigger $109 for $41,000 and 508 PLB Points. He is one of 86 Triple Crown winners so far in 2014.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Bull said of his Triple Crown run. “When I realized I had a Triple Crown sweat, I played every second I could. To complete it with shipping the Bigger $109 was pretty dreamy.”

The Bigger $109 had almost 2,600 entrants that day for a prize pool of $258,000. He told us, “The Big $109 is one of my favorite tournaments on PokerStars. $109 is a real sweet spot for the buy-in and it’s a great value tournament. On Sundays, it has a slightly slower structure. I remember being super short once I got into the money. Then, after a sick orbit, I spun 18 big blinds into 75 and it was pretty smooth sailing from there.”

He is just a few hundred bucks away from passing $700,000 in online tournament scores and has 38 career wins along with 101 top-three finishes. “I’m definitely going to invest most of it back into my bankroll,” Bull said of his plans for the money. “I want to be able to play big Sunday sessions on my own dime and also travel to as many EPTs as possible, so having a solid bankroll is vital. I will probably dabble in a few small investments too.”

Last October, Bull won the UKIPT London Main Event for $183,000. The tournament had 747 entrants and Bull was one of four Scots to finish in the money. “It was such an insane week, capped off by my very first tournament in London,” Bull remarked. “It gave me so much flexibility and freedom to invest, travel, and play whatever games I wanted to.” He has $271,000 in live tournament scores to his name, according to the Hendon Mob.

Bull got his start in poker by playing small-stakes games with friends. “I was instantly intrigued by all of the different dynamics of the game,” he said with a smile. “I began to do a lot of research to try to improve and take all of my friends’ money. Then, I found endless videos, strategy articles, and bankroll tips and absorbed everything I could. I remember seeing nanonoko‘s graph for the first time and thinking, ‘How is he doing that?’ From then on, I completely immersed myself in the game until I understood how people did it.”

He added, by the way, that “nanonoko runs the streets.”Randy Lew (pictured), the man behind the nanonoko user name, set the record for the most number of online poker hands played in eight hourswhile turning a profit at 23,493 in January 2012. The following January, he played five live heads-up games simultaneously.

Let’s get back to Bull now. He is about to start a college course in Electronic Music Production at Edinburgh College, which takes place three days a week, perfect for balancing school and poker. His life plan: “Ideally, I want to start doing some DJ gigs in Edinburgh and, long-term, I want to learn how to produce my own tracks.”

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