The Upswing Poker Lab: The Ultimate Poker Training Experience


Upswing Poker Co-Founder Doug Polk wants you to become a better poker player by using the Upswing Poker Lab. (Photo c/o Upswing Poker)

The marketplace for poker training websites is always in flux and the release of Upswing Pokerin 2016 provided a new option for players looking to improve their game. Led by Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, the site contains all the tools necessary for anyone looking to become a better poker player.

One of the most appealing parts of for users to take advantage of is the Upswing Lab. For as little as $49 per month, users have unlimited access to the most integral parts of the Upswing Poker system, that includes coaching on online and live strategies for cash games, tournaments, and heads up play. Other sites offer tools similar to the Upswing Lab but none of them can claim to have the same comprehensive guide that provides many hours of content.

Similar to Upswing’s Postflop Engine, The Lab offers multimedia tools designed to give users a fully interactive experience that can help improve their game.

When comparing The Lab to his popular YouTube series, “Poker Hands,” Polk says, “If you like the type of analysis I’ve been doing, then you’re probably going to enjoy what’s inside The Lab.”

When users log onto the Upswing website, right in the middle of the page is a link to the Lab. Once inside the first page of the Lab is the tagline, “This is what we would teach our younger selves, if we could send the course back in time.” Users are given the option of subscribing to a month, semi-annual, and yearly plan, with various pricing options designed for each.

All options give full access to all modules within The Lab, but the yearly option is the best value at $499.

Sign up for the UpswingPoker Lab here and use the coupon code ‘pocket5s’ at checkout and you’ll get $20 off your purchase.

The primary driver of content in The Lab is Polk, who has 40 videos on poker theory waiting for users along with 35 separate learning modules. Fee is also a major part of the Lab and provides content on a regular basis.

“Every month we promise to add in a new module of information. What we also add in every week is are ‘play and explain’ videos, so you can see me and Ryan Fee play and we explain what we’re doing,” said Polk.

Polk also mentions that all material within the Upswing Lab is designed exclusively by him and Fee, which allows users to gain a familiarity with the teaching methods that the two players offer.

The step-by-step process of “Learn, Study, Master” is designed to give all users, regardless of experience, the best tools available to become successful in poker.

One of the best features of the modules is the accessibility for players of all skill levels to find information that is relevant to where they are on the learning curve. Depending on where your game stands, you can start with the foundations of the game, mastering how to play preflop, or how to become a postflop savant.

From a social media perspective, The Lab is also beneficial in that it allows for all members to join a private Facebook group where they can discuss hands and strategy with Fee and Polk along with other poker professionals frequently providing input.

Subscribers have been raving on social media for months about the benefits of The Lab and there are more success stories to follow. Among the groups of players who are paying compliments to their training are World Series of Poker Circuit ring winners, Borgata Poker Open champions, and WPT Deepstacks Main Event winners.

Where the Upswing Postflop Engine is designed to be a less-intensive method of training, The Lab is a place for users to move from getting their feet wet to diving in head first. It takes hours to become a great poker player and the time spent in The Lab will do nothing but set up all users for future success.