There Have Been No Lock Poker Payments in One Year


April 2 was an anniversary of sorts. No, not for marriage or some sort of heroics. Instead, it had been exactly one year since Lock Poker paid anyone, according to US Poker and Two Plus Two. And yet the site is still dealing cards.

According to US Poker, “Two Plus Two user IHasTehNutzcompiled information for more than one year on Lock Poker withdrawals. His latest list shows nearly $1 million in unpaid withdrawals. Nearly 400 players were owed this cash. These same players report account balances totaling more than $2 million. It is estimated that Lock Poker has more than $10 million in player liabilities.”

Lock Poker, an unregulated US-facing site, comes in at #63 worldwide in terms of the average number of cash game players at 20, according to PokerScout. Despite the fact it hasn’t been paying one back, it’s still open for business.

In February, former Lock Poker rep Shane Bridges claimed it was unlikely that players would be paid out any time soon, telling Pokerfuse, “I never had access to any real financials, but with no significant movement on cashouts and promises of the big turnaround now being 12 months old, it would be my assumption that player balances won’t be honored now.” He, in part, blamed an extravagant lifestyle for Lock Poker CEO Jen Larson and programmer Brendan Young. Bridges is pictured.

In case you’re wondering about the Lock Poker payments on April 2 of last year, US Poker said, “Two Lock Poker withdrawals were received by players on April 2, 2014. One was a check and the other was a Western Union cash transfer. Both withdrawals went to Americans. No players outside the US have been paid since January 2014.”

Lock is currently pushing rake chases and enhanced deposit bonuses. The former includes a leaderboard with over a hundred players registering scores since March 1.

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    • I don’t know how they get away with still taking deposits, they should be forced shut, i have $80 odds still lying on Lock and when i asked for a withdrawal they actually said to me they put a limit on them to $100 and asked me to make a deposit to make my account have the right withdrawal limit and then i would get my money, 😀 I told them to politely go f*** themselves:mad: I wouldn’t give them anything more after everything i read on here and 2 2 about them, they’re blatantly getting away with this and i don’t understand why.:confused:

    • yea figured this was the case. so sick sigh . I ran up a 20k roll on these rats site and will not see a penny. lol

      gotta love it

      tell you what with all the world social media bs this pair Jen Larson and Brendan young better pray they don’t get found. would gut em on site from nut to nose with a rusty deer antler if given the opportunity.

      it really makes me fugin furious that some rats are livin lavy off my dime and still running a dead site and even worse excepting deposits still and not paying out. they truly do deserve to hang from a noose!!!!!!! wow this really fugi piss’s me off

      knew the money was worthless but just seeing this made me so heated

      thx for truth p 5’s

    • ran my roll up to 13k on there and won’t ever see a penny of it. First withdrawal request still pending from April 2013. This whole ordeal is just mind boggling, especially the amount of money they potentially owe players like myself.

    • I was lucky enough to sell my funds in early 2013 for .70/$… Wasn’t much deposited $100 and sold a little over $1k. Feel bad for all the players with funds stuck on Lock.

    • So where is Jen Larson living now? I’m sure it’s not in a refrigerator box under the freeway!