THIS WEEK IN VLOGS: 5 Minutes with Marle, Brad Goes to Hollywood

Marle Cordeiro, Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, Johnnie Vibes and the ALL IN Poker Vlog are featured in This Week in Poker Vlogs.

Poker vloggers let their audiences ride shotgun on their journey but keeping up to date on them can be a bit of a challenge. Each week, PocketFives brings you a selection of the very best so you can watch them all in a single session.

Marle Cordeiro Wants Five Minutes of Your Time

In case you’ve ever wanted to crack the code on what it takes to win at the low stakes cash game level, Marle Cordeiro has the answer to that question in this week’s vlog. She also talks about a recent trip to Austin, Texas for her very first Meet Up Game.

Brad Owen Takes on Hollywood

Remember that scene in Rounders where Worm goes into a bit of a monologue while subtly asking Mike for a stake? Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme basically lived that out while in Hollywood. Owen and Neeme both bust a tournament at Hollywood Park Casino and Owen was a little short of the buy-in for a $5/$10 cash game. We’ll let Owen take it from there.

Live at the Bike Doesn’t Go So Well for Johnnie Vibes

Everybody has a rival. Johnnie Vibes is no different and this week he gets into the growing rivalry he has with Live at the Bike regular Francisco while also providing some analysis on the hands he played during the session. Things don’t go well for Johnnie.

The ALL IN Poker Vlog Heads to the Wynn

For the past seven months, the ALL IN Poker Vlog has been going to different Las Vegas poker rooms to give fans at home a look at how each one is different. In this episode, he heads off to the Wynn Poker Room for the first time. This is definitely a vlog you’re going to want to subscribe to if you plan on going to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker this summer.

The Godfather Goes to Reno and Goes Quads vs. Quads

Sometimes poker vloggers struggle to get good hands to talk about in their vlogs. Sometimes though, they win with quads over quads on a live-streamed tournament at Run It Up Reno. And of course, that happened to Andrew Neeme this week.

To be honest, though, we’re not entirely thrilled to see somebody losing with pocket fives here. It’s still definitely worth watching.