THIS WEEK IN VLOGS: Neeme in Calgary, Burton a Hero, Savage Top 5

Get all caught up with the best poker vlogs of the week.

Poker vloggers let their audiences ride shotgun on their journey but keeping up to date on them can be a bit of a challenge. Each week, PocketFives brings you a selection of the very best so you can watch them all in a single session.

Andrew Neeme Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing

Andrew Neeme, who picked up the Poker Vlogger of the Year award at the Global Poker Awards, took off to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to do some live streaming for 888poker, but he also found some time to head to one of the local casinos and play the great game of Pot Limit Omaha.

Jaman Burton Becomes a Super Hero at Ameristar

Leaving the house at 3 AM, Jaman Burton finds himself on the road on his way to Ameristar Casino to play some $2/$5 No Limit Hold’em. He didn’t wear a cape or a utility belt (that we know of), but he did manage to turn himself into a hero while there.

The Best ‘Nine High’ Story Ever

If you’ve ever won a pot with nine high before, you’ve probably told the story a million times over. Trevor Savage has such a story and it’s far better than any you’ve heard or told before. Check out this episode of Raising the Nuts as Savage recalls his top five favorite poker hands.

Mariano Poker Heads to Las Vegas with Johnnie Vibes

When Johnnie Vibes was nominated for the People’s Choice Awards at this years Global Poker Awards, he decided to bring along a guest. Turns out that guest is also a vlogger and he turned the trip into a vlog of his own. ‘Mariano Poker’ is a relative newcomer to the poker vlogging scene, but his latest vlog is definitely worth checking out.

Andrew Lok

A regular in the Bay Area cash games, Andrew Lok decided to mix things up and jump into a $1,100 at the start of the Bay 101 Shooting Star series. Lok walks you through a few key hands from that tournament while also giving fans a taste of life in San Jose.