This Week in VLOGS: Neeme, Vaughan, and a GTO Guest Spot

Andrew Neeme, Matthew Vaughan and .... Joey Ingram? make an appearance in This Week in VLOGS.

Poker vloggers let their audiences ride shotgun on their journey but keeping up to date on them can be a bit of a challenge. Each week, PocketFives brings you a selection of the very best so you can watch them all in a single session.

Andrew Neeme is Looking for Some Horses to Back

You don’t become the Godfather of Poker Vlogs by standing still. This week Andrew Neeme took off for Louisville, Kentucky to check out the Kentucky Derby but don’t worry, this episode isn’t all about horses. Neeme also breaks down some hands from a recent session at the Horsehoe Southern Indiana.

The Almighty Matthew Vaughan Takes You to the Borgata

While Las Vegas is often the locale for some of the best poker vloggers, Matthew Vaughan has become one of the hottest poker vloggers on the East Coast. In this episode, Vaughan heads to the Borgata to play the Almighty and ends with quite the cliffhanger.

Putting Solve For Why to Work and Getting It Back

We’ve already introduced you to ‘MTL MAK’, now he’s back from Las Vegas and going to work in his hometown of Montreal. After a bit of a rough stretch, he’s back on the winning side and takes you through a number of the key hands.

Ben Deach Gets a Very GTO Guest at Run It Up Reno

Run It Up Reno is one of poker’s “must attend” events each time it comes up. Reno’s own Ben Deach, a news anchor and reporter for KOLO8, showcased the event on his vlog this week and even managed to corner Joey Ingram for a guest spot.

When a Run at the Crown Goes Poorly

We love to find different vloggers to showcase, especially ones from other corners of the globe. That’s where we found “Britt”, a 23-year-old vlogger from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a recreational poker player and recently started dabbling in the vlogging side of the game. She takes you to the Crown Casino in her hometown in this episode, but it doesn’t exactly have a fairy tale ending.