Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov Tops September High Stakes Winners

Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov won 8K in September playing the nosebleed stakes online.

It only took 23 sessions for Russian high-stakes online phenom Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov to capture the top spot for online cash game profitability in the month of September, according to the data tracked by HighStakesDB.

With a concentration on the PokerStars’ Eight Game Mix tables, Kuznetsov tallied a massive $378,797 in profit over the course of 3,242 hands for the month. This result puts Kuznetsov just shy of $1.5 million in earnings so far this year, making him the most profitable online cash game player to date in 2017.

Not far behind Kuznetsov in September, claiming the #2 spot, was ‘RaulGonzalez’ who finished the month on a massive upswing, ending up profitable to the tune of $359,125. His big September spike occurred right at the end of the month when he took home roughly $276,500 in a 24-hour period, much of which was won in battles with online legend Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom at the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables. Surely the uptick helped, as the online grinder had spent the majority of the summer on a downward trend with most of June and July deep in the red.

Sweden’s ’WRUUUUM’ also carved out a profitable month with over $211,000 in earnings to take third place on the leaderboard. The majority of his action occurred at the high-stakes PLO tables and thanks to a four-day heater in the middle of the month, where he hauled in roughly $177,000 ‘WRUUUUM’ was able to turn around a recent downswing to find himself, once again, profitable in 2017.

After a fast start to the month where he was up roughly $30,000, UK’s Gavin ‘gavz101’ Cochrane was basically treading water, slowly descending on a course to zero profitability. Things then heated up for the Pot Limit Omaha specialist as Cochrane spiked roughly $115,000 over a two-day period. At the end of the month, he again glided upwards to finish the month with a healthy profit of over $165,000, good for fourth on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for September.

After freefalling on a $130,000 downswing earlier in the month, putting him $80,000 in the hole, well-known high stakes crusherLinus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger turned things around to post an impressive profit of $147,788 for September. Loeliger put in nearly double the volume of any other player in the top five, getting over 16,600 hands in over 291 sessions, mostly at the No Limit Hold’em tables. Loeliger, one of the most active high-stakes regulars, is up nearly $450,000 on the year, currently sitting as the seventh biggest winner of 2017.

Nine of the top ten profiteers in September managed a six-figure win, including Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom (9th), who managed to bank over $120,000.

HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for September

1 Trueteller 23 3242 $378,797
2 RaulGonzalez 30 2958 $359,125
3 WRUUUUM 147 8464 $211,840
4 gavz101 186 8713 $165,249
5 LLinusLove 291 16610 $147,788
6 Cobus83 109 8271 $138,248
7 NLZWERVERNL 125 5514 $132,959
8 ActionFreak 211 13981 $130,794
9 Isildur1 49 6033 $120,683
10 fjutekk 403 23176 $98,772