Tom Dwan Dominates High Stakes Poker En Route to $500K Win

Tom Dwan dominated the action on Episode 13 of the High Stakes Poker to the tune of a $500,000+ win. (PokerGo photo)

This week’s episode of High Stakes Poker on PokerGO started off with the players still talking about Doug Polk folding the second nut straight to Phil Hellmuth shove with the nut straight last week, but quickly turned into an episode of the Tom Dwan Show – and he wasn’t even in the game when the episode began.

It didn’t take long to get a six-figure pot. On the second hand of play, James Bord raised to $1,100 with 7c6h, Jake Daniels called with KsJh, and Hellmuth defended his big blind with 7s4s. The flop came 9s8s7d and Hellmuth checked to Bord, who bet $2,000. Daniels called only to have Hellmuth raise to $5,000. Bord folded but Daniels called to see the Qs turn. Hellmuth check-called Daniels’ bet of $7,100 to bump the pot to $30,100. The 2h river completed the board and Hellmuth led out for $14,000. Daniels raised to $57,000 and Hellmuth went into the tank.

“I keep thinking, ‘I’m going to fold this and he’s going to show me the bluff and I am going to quit,” Hellmuth said while contemplating his decision.

After 2:35 of waiting, Daniels asked for a clock and Hellmuth was given two minutes to make his decision. Hellmuth ultimately called to take down the $144,000 pot and added $73,500 to his stack.

On the next hand, Polk left and was replaced by Rick Salomon with Dwan taking his spot in the four seat. Before seeing a single hand, Dwan asked the double the stakes from $200/$400 to $400/$800 and nobody resisted, setting up a night of six-figure pots.

Dwan started his reign of dominance by taking down a $57,800 pot, winning another $1,400 after running the turn and river twice against Bord in a $171,000 pot, but all of that was just whetting his appetite for winning a huge pot without a showdown.

Brandon Steven opened to $2,400 with Ks4s, Dwan called with 9d5d, and Bryn Kenney called from the big blind with Th7s. The flop came Ad5c4d and Kenney checked to Steven who continued for $5,000. Holding a flush draw and middle pair, Dwan raised to $18,000. Kenney folded and Steven called. The 9c turn gave Dwan two pair and after Steven checked, Dwan fired out $33,000 into the $44,400 pot. Steven responded with a raise to $87,000. Dwan took a little more than two minutes before moving all in for $227,000. A visibly frustrated Steven folded his hand instantly and said, “you guys are impossible to bluff. It’s amazing.”

It wouldn’t be a Season 8 episode of High Stakes Poker without a bit of a Hellmuth rant. Hellmuth called from UTG with AsJs. Bord raised to $2,600 with AcQh, Salomon called from the button with Ad4c, Kenney came long from the big blind with 9d9s and Hellmuth called. The KcTc7s flop got all four players to check. The turn was the Jd and Hellmuth bet $7,000 and only Bord called. The river was the 3s and Hellmuth continued to be aggressive, betting $9,000. Bord raised to $33,000 forcing Hellmuth into a decision.

“I just can’t fold this, I guess,” Hellmuth said after 90 seconds and the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner threw in a call. After being shown the nuts, Hellmuth stood up and treated his tablemates and viewers at home to a monologue on Bord.

“I love playing against you, I want you every fucking day,” Hellmuth said. “You deserve to lose after all of those weird beats you put on me.”

With Hellmuth done holding the spotlight, Dwan resumed his domination as the episode drew to a close.

After Dwan straddled to $1,600 and Salomon double-straddled to $3,200, Steven raised to $10,000 with JcTc, Daniels called with AcKd, Dwan called with 9h7c, and Salomon made it a four-way pot with 9s8s. The flop came Kc7h[2h and everybody checked to Steven who fired $17,000 into the $41,200 pot. Daniels and Dwan called while Salomon got out of the way. All three remaining players checked through the 9c turn that gave Dwan two pair. The Js river completed the board and Daniels checked, Dwan bet $43,000 which forced Steven to fold. Daniels called and was shown the bad news as Dwan’s two pair allowed him to rake in the $178,200 pot.

Dwan then took down a $106,600 pot before the final hand of the night, which turned out to be the biggest of the week. Salomon straddled, Bord raised to $3,200 with AsJh, Daniels three-bet to $10,000 with JcTd, and Dwan also called with QcTc. Action was back to Salomon and he called with 9c4c as Bord folded. The 7c5s2c flop got Daniels to bet $12,500 and both Dwan and Salomon called. Daniels then fired $33,000 after the Js turn and once again, Dwan and Salomon called. The river was the 8c which finally got Daniels to slow down. He checked, allowing Dwan to bet $75,000 with his queen-high flush. Salomon called with his baby flush and realizing he was behind, Daniels folded. Dwan tabled the winning hand and scooped the $320,500 pot, winning an additional $189,000 as play wrapped up for the week.

The next episode of High Stakes Poker is the final one of Season 8 and airs on PokerGo on Wednesday, March 17 at 8 PM ET.