Top-Ranked Players In Sweden Double As Best In The World


Sweden’s best players also happen to be amongst the world’s best.

When one thinks about the current state of poker domination, you may be tempted to default to the current crop of German players who have been crushing the live high-roller tournament scene. Names like Holz, Sontheimer and Kempe come to mind when you think about who may be vying for the best of the best. But when one turns their attention to the online poker landscape, at this point in poker history, there should be no doubt – it’s all about the Swedes.

In fact, the core cadre of Swedish players is so prolific that each of the top 10 players in the Kingdom all occupy prominent spots, not just in the Worldwide Top 100, but in the top 50.

The top spot, both in the country of Sweden as well as the Worldwide Rankings, is none other than the screenname all online grinders should know: ‘C Darwin2’. Currently in his seventh reign as the #1-ranked player in the world, his unquestioned dedication to the game has helped him recently surpass $7 million in lifetime earnings. The only player with over 10,000 PLB points (10,245.43), ‘C Darwin2’’s recent conquests include a pair of scores for over $50,000 in the past 30 days as well two outright victories in the month of November, one in the partypoker High Roller Turbo on November 4 for over $9,000 and again, less than a week later, in thePokerStars $215 Fat Thursday for another $16,000. His vice-like grip on the Swedish, and Worldwide, leaderboard has arguably extended his reputation from the current king of the hill into bonafide legend status.

Looking up at ‘C Darwin2’, in the #2 spot in the Swedish rankings, is another true online genius in‘lena900’ (8,526.72). It was roughly one month ago when ‘lena900’ disrupted the 12-week tenure of ‘C Darwin2’ at #1, by assuming that position himself, if only for one week. Currently sitting at #3 in the Worldwide rankings, ‘lena900’ is on the precipice of eclipsing $8 million in lifetime earnings himself and although he’s trailing that top spot by over 1700 PLB points, the Swedish phenom has proved that should the opportunity arise, he has what it takes to ascend once again. A perfect example of which was his late October victory in the partypoker $530 High Roller ($200K) for $41,866.31 and 475.39 PLB points.

Sweden’s current #3-ranked player is another veteran of the online poker community,‘Sheater’ (7,432.79). Hailing from the Sweden’s West Coast, ‘Sheater’, situated at #6 Worldwide, is also approaching a massive milestone as he approaches $9 million in lifetime earnings. His recent string of triple-digit PLB point accumulations is highlighted by his fourth-place finish on Halloween in the PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday for over $23,000.

Gothenburg’s Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren (7,277.98) takes the #4 spot in the wake of eight top 3 finishes over the course of 69 cashes thus far in November. Berggren, like those mentioned before him, is also a current member of the Top 10, holding on to #8 Worldwide, but is only a heater away from moving up.

The latest member of the $10 million club, Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar (6,919.41) rounds out the Swedish Top 5. The elite grinder is looking to move up the ranks with the assistance this week’s victory in the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $59,180 (519.62 points) and his third place finish in the Sunday 500 for another $19,338 (229.89) points. In total, just in the month of November, Korsar has accumulated five 5-figure cashes helping push his earning to over $160,000.

‘Pot4teUS’(#6),‘inhoo’ (#7) and ‘DeathbyQuads’ (#8) all are within 100 PLB points of each other and all are members of the Worldwide Top 20. Though ’Pot4teUS’ is on the cusp of achieving $5 million in lifetime earnings, ’inhoo’ and ‘DeathbyQuads’ have both notched five-figure scores in November making it so that any of these three players are threats to overtake, not just each other, but their countrymen who sit in the Worldwide Top 10.

The #9 spot belongs to ‘Ariados’. Even with solid results, his light online volume in November may effect his future standings, both in the Swedish rankings and his current status as the Worldwide #31. Capping off the Top 10 is Jerry ‘perrymejsen’ Odeen, a near daily grinder who has finished top three 10 times in November with half of those being outright victories.

Sweden’s Current Top 10

1 ‘C Darwin2’ 10,245.43
2 ‘lena900’ 8,526.72
3 ‘Sheater’ 7,432.79
4 ‘r4ndomr4gs’ 7,277.98
5 ‘Greenstone25’ 6,919.41
6 ‘Pot4teUS’ 6,696.41
7 ‘inhoo 6,650.19
8 DeathbyQuads’ 6,607.11
9 ‘Ariados’ 6,109.83
10 ‘perrymejsen’ 5,732.72