Two Wins, Four Final Tables in the Sunday Million for CheVeaU


Last year, Brazil played host to the World Cup. Next year, it’ll host the Olympics. The South American nation has had a host of success online as well. Late last month, in fact, Guilherme Cheveau (pictured), known on PocketFives as simply CheVeaU, won the PokerStars Sunday Million after a four-way chop for $153,000. Incredibly, it was his second time chopping the Sunday staple.

I really needed that,” Cheveau bluntly told us. “I was in a downswing and not feeling so good about my game. I know that win won’t change anything about my game, but it’s good to have some confidence.” It was his fourth final table in the Sunday Million.

His recent success in the tournament likely led to the Brazilian being cool, calm, and collected down the stretch. As he put it, “Probably because I’ve had a lot of experience in this tournament, I didn’t feel nervous at all, but I still made that four-way deal after asking for some extra money. It’s just too much money to flip like that. I ran pretty well also. I had a pretty bad table draw when we got to 18 left, but got some pretty good cards and they all held.”

In February 2014, he chopped the Sunday Million for a blistering $164,000. He has also finished ninth in it twice, once for $13,000 and once for $12,000. As far as the money goes, he said, “The economy in Brazil is terrible, so I’m probably going to put it in the bank and wait for an opportunity or perhaps get a new apartment.” It sounds like he’ll be using the cash responsibly either way.

A funny story about his most recent Sunday Million win. He explained that two hours into the tournament, he told a friend he’d win it after missing out on the final table several times recently. His friend, however, told him he’d never win it again, only to be proven wrong within a matter of hours. “I’ve played poker for around 10 years now and want a final table in the Sunday Million each year, so I am still way behind my goal,” he joked.

He added, “I’m so competitive and love poker, so it’s never enough, and I’m not just talking about the money. It’s the thrill of getting to the final table and winning a tournament, beating great and well-known players in the process. It feels so good.”

Outside of poker, Cheveau said he used to party quite a bit, but has toned it down now that his girlfriend moved in. He explained, “Now, I would rather go to a bar or dinner with her and our friends. We still party, but a lot less.”

He lives in the seaside abode of Balneario Camboriu (pictured), which he resoundingly called “the greatest city in Brazil,” and said, “I can leave my apartment, walk 100 meters, sit in a bar, drink a beer, and enjoy the sea.”

Although he’s not a big fan of the Brazilian national football team, he enjoys watching Sao Paulo FC and tuned in as his country hosted the World Cup in 2014. As he put it, during the multi-week event, “Brazil simply stopped and it was like, party every day.” Brazil ultimately finished fourth in the World Cup after giving up a record 14 goals.

Cheveau is just a few thousand dollars shy of hitting $2 million in online MTTs for his career and was as high as #102 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankingslast year. He’s #17 in Brazil and plays as VinceVegaMFRon PokerStars.

He closed by thanking “everybody who cheered for me, as well as my mentors Joao Divino Dorneles Netoand Yuri Martinsfor teaching me. Also, thanks to my friend and business associate Kelvin kelvin_fpar Kerber for everything. Thank you to my girlfriend as well. If it weren’t for her, I would not have played that day.”

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