U.S.-Friendly PocketFives League Returns to HogWild Poker April 3rd


Every Tuesday in April, a special U.S.-friendly online poker league will once again take place on HogWild Poker. There’s no charge for any league game and, this time around, we’re playing for two PlayStation Vita WiFis, one each for the first place finisher and second place finisher. We’re also dishing out 200,000 HogBucks as well as PocketFives gear to the top finishers. Sign up now.

HogWild Poker hosted the inaugural PocketFives Leagueback in February and we had a couple hundred players turn out. We’re happy to bring the league back every Tuesday night during April at 9:00pm ET – April 3rd,April 10th,April 17th,and April 24th. Where you finish in each game will determine your standing on an overall leaderboard that pays out as follows:

1st Place: PlayStation Vita WiFi
2nd Place: PlayStation Vita WiFi
3rd Place: PocketFives Gear + 25,000 HogBucks
4th Place: PocketFives Gear + 25,000 HogBucks
5th Place: PockeFives Gear + 25,000 HogBucks
6th Place: 25,000 HogBucks
7th Place: 25,000 HogBucks
8th Place: 25,000 HogBucks
9th Place: 25,000 HogBucks
10th Place: 25,000 HogBucks

Once again, the league is open to U.S. players and there’s no cost to enter any event. The title of inaugural PocketFives HogWild Poker League Champion went to photokid, who won one of the events and then took fourth in the final tournament to secure his title. This time around, we’re spreading out the wealth in the form of two PlayStation Vita WiFis.

If you’ve never played on HogWild Poker before, the software is modeled after live play. You’re seated at the end of the table and your hole cards are dealt face down, just as they are in live poker. Whenever you look at your cards, they’ll light up. Therefore, your opponents will know when you’re peeking, which you could use to your advantage.

HogWild Poker is Mac-compatible to boot. One PocketFives member posted in the Official HogWild Poker Support Thread that the Mac client was top-notch: “Just joined HWP and so far am impressed. I like the fact that no-shows are terminated, down cards are similar to live poker, and other nuances. But, you don’t advertise that the site also supports the Mac with a native download version. I was really pleased with this version.”

Another U.S. PocketFives member gave his take on the free HogWild Poker league, which is legal in the United States since there’s no buy-in: “Looking forward to playing more on HWP partly because I think real money poker online in the U.S. is just about over. I like many features, especially the card look thingy. I play live as often as possible and this feature absolutely adds a new tell for online poker play.”

Finally, we should point out that HogWild Poker is running a live staking seriesthat awards $500 in live event buy-ins to 15 players every month. To take part, just register for games in the HogWild Staking Series and then play in eight or more of them. HogWild will only count your top eight finishes and award $500 in live tournament buy-ins to the top 15 finishers. Every Sunday and Wednesday night qualifier takes the form of a $200 freeroll, so there’s a little free money on the line as well.

HogWild is also dishing out a prize package to the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. Just play in the same aforementioned Staking Series freerolls between February 1st and May 31st. HogWild will keep track of your 12 best scores and award a WSOP Main Event prize package worth $13,000 to the top player on the leaderboard come June 1st.

Sign up for HogWild Poker. U.S. players are welcome, and we’ll see you in the PocketFives League every Tuesday in April starting on the 3rd.


  1. if this site ever makes it for real they’ll have to get rid of the cards dealt down method… incredibly annoying when you are playing multiple tables. also sucked that i had the client open all day and it doesn’t just pop up your table when the tourney starts.. me and like 5 people i know where regged and booted out of the tourney because we were playing for money on other sites and not watching the clock for the 15 min sit in window.

    • i totally meant to tell them this as well,so true clock watching is way too hard and impossible when doing anything on the web

    • i totally meant to tell them this as well,so true clock watching is way too hard and impossible when doing anything on the web

      I never knew when it was my turn the one time I played

    • Guys,

      Thanks for the feedback. It will help us make the site better.

      Regards to all the comments…

      Card face down…We play the cards down because you can “see tells” and “give tells” like live play. (see other cards at the table glow when players peek). We know this is not the best behavior if you plan to play a gambling environment and maximize your earning potential by playing many games. The site, today, is not for that. Although we do understand that this will be a “must” feature on our conversion to real gambling.

      Pop ups for games starting… I will definitely need to look into this. Mine always comes up. We are a web product (we send signals like a browser). It could be possible that this is connected to your popup blocker in IE. We will test for this.

      Best regards,

      Jeff Amrein (HalfBoat Jeff), CEO

    • basically when the mtt starts it doesn’t take us right to the game that we have already registered for ,instead u have to go into the 15 minute starting time frame and manually open the tournament to join.

    • Whats up with the game tonight? This is a make up from a crash but the old results are now showing?