Update on US Players with Disputed Full Tilt Poker Balances

Published on Mar 3rd, 2014

According to the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the main lobbying voice for poker players on Capitol Hill in the United States, US players with disputed Full Tilt Poker account balances should have a clearer indication on what their next steps will be within the next two to three weeks. Players with undisputed claims were paid out last Friday, with many of them already being reunited with their bankrolls.

PPA Executive Director John Pappas told PocketFives that further indication of when players with disputed balances will be paid back could be coming by the end of March: "We haven't heard that there is a specific time when people would get their money back, but one of our employees received a call from Garden City Group and they informed him that before the end of March, players with disputed payments will have some clarity. We believe that, at a minimum, before the end of the month, there should be some clear indication on what the next steps will be."

Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator for US Full Tilt funds, faces a variety of challenges when it comes to determining the status of disputed claims, including navigating a mountain of data from former players and information from the old Full Tilt. Pappas explained, "They're going through the process of looking at the information that players provided and seeing if it's valid. I think it'll be a more difficult process than people recognize because of the sheer volume of documents and information they'll have to go through."

Players with any questions about their claims are advised to contact Garden City Group at 866-250-2640 or info@fulltiltpokerclaims.com. "I would advise that players call and follow up about their claims," Pappas recommended. "As we learned with the undisputed claims, people with incorrect bank account information had to call and change it with Garden City Group." Shortcomings including corrupted or illegible documents could have come up during the process, for example.

Pappas told PocketFives in summary, "Based on the information we have received, we'll have a clearer indication as to a timetable no later than the end of the month."

Players with incomplete or inaccurate bank account information have until March 13 to correct it; otherwise, Garden City Group will mail a paper check sometime after that date. When another round of payments will take place is unclear. Also unclear is whether the next round will consist of paper checks, ACH transfers, or both.

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  1. Awesome news

  2. what if i dont remember if i had a balance on tilt? I forget if I had any money left there. I dont think I did. If I did I think its less then 1000

    Any ideas what I can do to find out

    Originally Posted by curiousgeorge77 View Post

    what if i dont remember if i had a balance on tilt? I forget if I had any money left there. I dont think I did. If I did I think its less then 1000

    Any ideas what I can do to find out

    If you remember your player name and password you can download the new client and ask for an account history. If you had a balance, it will show there.

  4. Any update on this?

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