US Full Tilt Players with Incomplete Information Could See Claims Denied


In a notice posted on, the Garden City Group, the appointed Claims Administrator for US Full Tilt refunds, issued a warning on Monday to petitioners who failed to provide correct social security information. In fact, giving incomplete or incorrect social security information could result in a player’s claim being denied.

Petitioners with an incomplete or incorrect Social Security Number will have their petition recommended for denial,” the statement read. “As explained in FAQ Number 17 on this website, prior to the payment of funds to a petitioner, GCG is required to provide the petitioner’s Social Security or other Taxpayer Identification Number to the government in order to offset and collect any qualifying debts currently listed in the Treasury Offset Program.”

The Treasury Offset Program was created to collect outstanding debts that US residents owe to federal and state agencies, including back taxes and child support.

Players with an incomplete Social Security Number, as well as players with incomplete banking information, were issued e-mails on October 25. A total of 2,200 e-mails were sent out, meaning there were plenty of former US Full Tilt customers with problems that needed to be addressed.

Players with banking issues who do not submit corrected information by November 24, or 30 days after the date the e-mails from GCG were sent, will receive a check in the mail. As the site explained, “Petitioners with incomplete or incorrect banking information will be sent a check to the mailing address provided with their petition, should their petition be approved.”

Anyone with questions about the status of their application should contact GCG at 866-250-2640 or

The most recent round of Full Tilt refunds went out at the end of September to 600 claimants. The amount given back was $1.8 million, which went to petitioners “who submitted complete, timely, or late petitions confirming their FTP account balance.”

According to Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas, players with disputed Full Tilt claims will likely not see any of their money until 2015. According to our original article on the topic from September, Pappas “said that GCG and DOJ still have their hands full with all the claims evaluations, resulting in a slow process. He plans to continue discussions with the DOJ over the coming weeks so he can keep the poker community informed.”

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