Victims in Borgata Tournament Marred By Fake Chips Still Awaiting Resolution


To start off 2014, the opening event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open was canceled when 27 players remained after officials found “a significant number of counterfeit chips.” The tournament carried a healthy $2 million guarantee and first place was scheduled to make $372,000. Two months later, its remaining participants are anxiously awaiting a resolution.

One of the final 27 shared an update on TwoPlusTwo saying that Borgata contacted him on March 21. “Borgata had been actively meeting with the [New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement]for several weeks trying to clarify the event that was cancelled and also regulations regarding future events…. ‘Near future’ was the only time frame offered.”

Christian Lusardi was taken into custodyin late January after allegedly trying to flush the fake chips down the toilet of his hotel room at Harrah’s Atlantic City. He was charged with rigging a publicly exhibited contest, criminal attempt, and theft by deception. Lusardi (pictured) was also hit with charges of bootlegging DVDs.

According to the same poster, “We all knew Borgata was not sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the DGE, but working with them; this seemed to me like the first time Borgata expressed that they were not passively ‘cooperating,’ but actively trying to resolve the situation… I would like to think they are now just calculating how to chop the prize pool amongst the final 27, but it seems plausible that there is still a legal cluster**** with a medley of lawyers’ voices.”

In late February, a class-action lawsuit was filed, with Jacob Musterel serving as its face. According to the Press of Atlantic City, “The claim seeks refunds of the players’ buy-in money and entry fees as well as reimbursement for incidental damages, such as travel costs.”

The poster on TwoPlusTwo noted that he’d soon consider a legal battle in order to resolve the situation: “I wouldn’t even consider talking to a lawyer until at least three months have passed. That day is coming in a few weeks, but I am still… of the mindset that there is really nothing to do but wait and that I will be getting my equity… eventually.”

Meanwhile, other members of the 27 tossed around the idea of showing up at the Borgata Spring Poker Open, which starts on April 8, in order to “get some face time… as a group if we do not have a resolution by then.”

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