wackyJaxon Wins PocketFives Open

Published on Feb 24th, 2012

It seems rigged. In fact, it reminds me of an episode of "The Office" where Jim Halpert awarded himself Employee of the Month and, when the rest of the staff cried foul, awarded it to his wife. Of course, Dwight Schrute was behind it all along. On Thursday, PocketFives staff member wackyJaxon (pictured) took down the PocketFives Open, which attracted 106 players and was held for the first time ever on bwin. wackyJaxon is currently working for PocketFives and is involved in our advertising, moderation, and development of a major new feature that will be released in the near future.

After getting home from taking the dog for a well deserved walk this afternoon, wackyJaxon Instant Messaged me to say that he was the chip leader with two players left in the PocketFives Open. Seven minutes later, victory was his. The tournament featured $3,000 in added prizes and wackyJaxon took home a payday of $270, a $200 Ongame Network ChampionChip ticket courtesy of bwin, a Holdem Manager 2 license, and a PocketFives t-shirt for his troubles. You can read the community's reaction.

On his big win, wackyJaxon told PocketFives in an exclusive interview, "I'm feeling great. I definitely ran hot in all of the big spots deep in the tournament. The PocketFives Open is always fun, but this is the first time I have made a deep run. As primarily a mixed cash game player, it feels great."

As we said, wackyJaxon received a litany of prizes for the win and we asked him what he's excited about the most: "The promotion for the PocketFives Open is always generous. The win itself was for $270, a ChampionChip ticket, and a PocketFives shirt. However, I am most excited about the coveted badge. It was my first tournament on the Ongame Network, so I hope to make my second tournament, the ChampionChip, a big one."

Sites like bwin are part of the Ongame Network and if you don't already have an account there, you can sign up through PocketFives to get a free $5.50 tournament ticket. In addition, if you make a deposit, we'll ship you one free month of PocketFives Training with the sign-up fee waived, a $65 value.

Once you create a bwin account, wackyJaxon previewed what you can expect: "I have played some PLO there and like how the small blind and big blind are the same. The players are easier to beat than on other networks as well. However, if I were a tournament player, I would have trouble loading up a huge schedule primarily because of the lack of synchronized breaks. I will continue to play cash games, though, when I'm in the mood for PLO as a break from other forms of poker I play on other networks."

If you don't already know, wackyJaxon recently became a father. He shared what it's been like working for PocketFives, playing poker, and raising a family: "My wife is fantastic. She handles most of the dirty work. Now that I am an Admin on PocketFives, I split my time helping my wife, looking after the baby, playing some quick cash game sessions, and assisting PocketFives. It does help that most of my sessions are no longer than an hour at a time. It would be tremendously difficult to balance everything if I were primarily a tournament player."

wackyJaxon started working with PocketFives earlier this year and has done a standup job so far. He's a pleasure to work with and explained, "I am loving helping out PocketFives in a more official capacity. Although I am not primarily a tournament player, I do enjoy playing them and have always been drawn to PocketFives as my primary poker site. I was excited in 2010 when I was first given the honor of becoming a Moderator. I am even more excited to be respected enough now to be an Admin and helping in different aspects of PocketFives."

One of the major perks of winning the PocketFives Open is a swank-looking badge in your profile. We added wackyJaxon's new ornament on Thursday shortly after his win. "The badges are a fun way of subtly bragging to your friends and fellow poker players," wackyJaxon admitted when asked why he was so pumped to receive his. "It's important to me because I want to feel I can do well in the tournament environment even though it's not something I currently specialize in. My fellow Moderators and friends that were in the PocketFives Open were all going after the badge and are excited that I won it."

He also holds a PocketFives Elite badge.

He wanted to send a shout out to fellow PocketFives member JLizard, whom wackyJaxon began staking just a few months ago: "I have sweated him in many final tables. I think the lessons I have learned just from watching him were helpful in some of the plays I made throughout the PocketFives Open, especially near the end."

Check out our PocketFives Open Wall of Champions. Keep it tuned to PocketFives for the next running, and thanks to everyone who played. View our official prize thread for more details on who won what.


  1. congrats sir! well deserved.

  2. BAUCEriggedBAUCE

  3. Sickkkk Congrats!

  4. That's gd to hear. Grats, nice work Wacky !

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  5. Hey, Super Take-down Sir! Keep it up..

  6. GG Wack....I remember all of our SNG battles a few years ago on that site never to be mentioned again! Good luck with the baby too.

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