WCOOP: Andrey ‘Kroko-Dill’ Zaichenko Wins Second WCOOP Title


Andrey Zaichenko added a second World Championship of Online Poker title on Thursday (PokerStars/Neil Stoddart photo)

Day 11 of the World Championship of Online Poker featured the final tables of two No Limit Hold’em tournaments along with that of the Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Championship. Each event easily surpassed its guarantee, and in one case more than doubled it.

Played out over two long days, Event #37, a $215 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament with option to rebuy twice and add-on once, resulted in a final table lineup that would put any pro to the test. The UK’s Jonathan ‘OMGjonyctt’ Concepcion, Argentina’s Ivan ‘Negriin’ Luca, Canadian Joel ‘jbrown8777’ Brown and Brazil’s Eli ‘Timunim’ Fagundes were all on hand, with Twitch star Jason Somerville busting out just before the final nine. A total of 1,095 entrants made 855 rebuys and 461 add-ons, creating a massive $489,433 prize pool which smashed the event’s $200,000 guarantee.

After the hour-long break at the six-hour mark, only 
Terje ‘TerjePower18’ Underbakke of Norway and ‘Ohljo’ of Bulgaria remained. Ohljo enjoyed a chip advantage the entire match, and although ‘TerjePower18’ managed to double up after having his stack knocked down to 2 million chips, he would soon be all-in again. Holding Jh5h against Ohljo’s AcTh, it seemed that the Norwegian might double up again when the flop came 5s4d2d. A river ten put an end to that hope, however, giving Ohljo a higher pair and the $79,638 first-place prize.

The next of the day’s tournaments to wrap up yesterday was the $320 Six Max No Limit Hold’em event, which garnered 966 entries to create a $289,800 prize pool. At the conclusion of the final table, Poland’s ‘T3G3S’ was pitted against ‘lehout’, a Dutchman who won this very same tournament two years ago, and UK grinder Patrick ‘thebigdog09’ Brooks. T3G3S, a SCOOP champion himself, would go on to deny lehout the repeat win, leaving him in third place with a $26,082 payday. Soon afterwards, ‘T3G3S’ dispatched Brooks heads up to add his first WCOOP title to his resume, and pocketed $46,368 for his efforts.

In Event #39, the $1,050 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Championship, 179 entrants created a $231,000 prize pool, easily exceeding the tournament’s $150,000 guarantee. On day two, 55 remaining players were left to duke it out for a shot at the money, which was paid out to 27 places. Several big-name pros fell before that point, including Connor ‘blanconegro’ Drinan, Stephen ‘stevie444’ Chidwick,Shaun Deeb, and Dan ‘djk123’ Kelly. Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom would make it a bit further, ending his run in 15th place. When all was said and done, Russian pro Andrey ‘Kroko-dill’ Zaichenko defeated Canadian pro Kyle ‘kwob20’ Bowker to win his second WCOOP title and a $44,499 payday.

Event #37 – $215 No Limit Hold’em (2 rebuy/1 addon)

1,095 entries – $489,433 prize pool paid out to 134 places

  1. Ohljo – $79,638.33
Terje ‘TerjePower18’ Underbakke – $58,374.03
Robabatt – $42,787.99

  4. mahmuttt88 – $31,363.45
Jonathan ‘OMGjonyctt’ Concepcion – $22,989.30
Ivan ‘Negriin’ Luca – $16,851.08
Joel ‘jbrown8777’ Brown – $12,351.77
Eli ‘Timunim’ Fagundes – $9,053.80
Bjuran – $6,636.46

Event #38 – $320 Six Max No Limit Hold’em Shootout
966 entries – $289,800 prize pool paid out to 216 places

  1. T3G3S – $46,368.36
Patrick ‘thebigdog09’ Brooks – $34,776.00
lehout – $26,082.00
vladxxxro – $17,388.00
!!f1ghtback! – $11,592.00
Kaggis – $7,187.04

Event #39 – $1,050 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Championship

179 entries – $231,000 prize pool paid out to 27 places

  1. Andrey ‘Kroko-dill’ Zaichenko – $44,499.92

  2. Kyle ‘kwob20’ Bowker – $33,441.01

  3. Shawn ‘buck21’ Buchanan – $25,130.49

  4. ALEX2PAIRS – $18,885.24
boahgerding – $14,192.03
Bluf_To_Much – $10,665.13

  7. TAPïSpayé? – $8,014.70
Jens ‘Fresh_oO_D’ Lakemeier – $6,022.95